Photo's from Ireland portion of the trip.

Salmon Pier and Shannon River, Glin Ireland.


Park at the rivers edge looking into town, Glin Ireland.


Conway's Pub and Hotel, Glin Ireland.


Looking towards the river, Glin Ireland.


The Square in the center of town, Glin Ireland.


Ruins of the Knight of Glin's castle that was destroyed by fire in 1600

Glin Ireland.


One of a pair old "Culhane" tombstones in Kilfergus Cemetery,
no first names or dates.


Ruins of the old Catholic Church in the Kilfergus Cemetery,
just outside of Glin, Ireland.


Catholic Church built in 1850s, Glin, Ireland.

Glin Heritage Center, formerly a parish church of Ireland built in 1868, Glin Ireland.