Sebastian Raths (5), 1773-1843
Catherine Feyereisen (5), 1774-1837

1773. Sebastian Raths born 13 March in Everlange (Everling), Useldange, Luxembourg, witnesses were Henricus Rollinger of Everlingen and Catharina Schroeder of Reichlange. He was baptized on March 13, 1773 in Everlange, Luxembourg, witnesses were Sebastian Rollinger in place of Henrici Rollinger of Everlange and Catharina Schroeder and Reichlange.

1774. Catherine Feyereisen born 17 June in Angelsberg, Fischbach, Mersch, Luxembourg. Her parents were Henri Feyereisen (4) and Magdalena Jean Mathieu (4). Birth witnesses were Philippus Jean Mathieu and Catharina Claudi, both of Angelsberg. She was baptized. Her Godfather was Phillipus Jean Mathieu and Godmother Catharina Claudy.

1798. Sebastian Raths married Catherine Feyereisen at Fischbach, Mersch, Luxembourg. Sebastian and Catherine lived in Catherine's birth-house, the "Meesch-Haus" in Angelsberg.

1837. Catherine Raths died on 24 December in Angelsberg, Fischbach, Mersch, Luxembourg. Death signed by Sebastianus Raths and Pierre Hoffmann.

1843. Sebastian Raths died 21 April in Angelsberg, Fischbach, Mersch, Luxembourg. Death reported by Henri Raths and Jean Koob.


NOTE: The name is also spelled Feiereisen and Feuereisen. The spelling Feyereisen is curently used in Luxembourg.


Seven children of Sebastian and Catherine Raths

1. Henri-Sebastian Raths (6), 1798-1857

2. Nicolas Raths (6), born 1 Jun 1801, died 3 Jul 1875 (lineage)

3. Henri Raths (6), born 1804, died 1864
  4. Margaretha Raths (6), born 12 Dec 1806, baptized by her Uncle Henri Raths, cure'. Witnesses were Nicolaus Feyereisen and Margaretha Reckinger.

5. Jean Nicolas Raths (6), born 1809, died 1882

6. Jean Pierre "Peter" Raths (6), 1812-1877
      7. _______ Raths (6), was born about January 10, 1818 in Angelsberg (Angsberech), Luxembourg. She was baptized. Witnesses were Nicolaus Feyereisen and Susanna Raths.