James Dunn (5) 1886-1837
Mary _____ (5) ____-1892

James Dunn was born in Ireland, and died at sea while emigrating to the US.


Three children of James and Mary Dunn
      1. Luke Dunn (6) born 2 Dec 1810 in Kings County, Ireland (Offaly County now) emigrated to the US and settled in Exeter, Monroe County, Michigan in 1835. He saved his money to bring his parents and younger brothers over. He and his brother John and their families assisted in building St Patrick's Church, first the log cabin and later the brick structure. He died 8 Mar 1874 in Monroe County, buried in St Patrick's Cemetery, Stony Creek, Carleton, MI, married first Catherine Flood (3 children), she died in 1843, married second Mary Maynes (3 children) born 1808 in Tyrone County, Ireland, she died 1892 in Monroe County, MI, her parents were Lawrence Maynes 1765-1861, and Catherine McCloskey 1782-1872. His original homestead of 80 acres in Exeter Twp, is owned by his grandson Ralph Dunn, it was originally purchased from the government for $1.25 an acre.
          1. Mary Dunn (7)
          2. Catherine Dunn (7)
          3. James Dunn (7)

4. Ellen Dunn (7) 1808-1919 (lineage) (children shown under husbands page)
          5. Luke Dunn Jr.(7) born 22 Aug 1848, died 29 Mar 1938
He served as Monroe County supervisor and held various other Monroe County positions throughout his life. He married Eliza Welch. They lived on the family farm in Exeter Township until the 1930's or early 1940's. They then moved to Monroe, but still owned the farm in Exeter. I believe that his son Ralph owned the farm until the 1940's, then he either sold it or lost it, it just depends to whom you speak.
              1. Elizabeth Dunn (8), born 3 Mar 1871, died 29 Sep 1964
              2. Luke Dunn (8), 3 Sep 1875, died 3 Mar 1884
              3. Eva Dunn (8), born 13 Jan 1878, died 28 Oct 1878
              4. Ellen (Nell) Dunn (8), born 1879, died ____
              5. Ralph Dunn (8), born 16 Aug 1883, died 9 Dec 1957
          6. John Dunn (7)
          7. Patrick Dunn (7)
      2. James Dunn (6)
      3. John Dunn (6)

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