John Sherman

John Sherman (8), 1644-1734
Sarah Spooner
(8), 1653-172x

1644. John Sherman was born in Portsmouth RI in Newport in August.

1653. Sarah Spooner was born in Dartmouth MA in Bristol County. She was the daughter of William Spooner and Hannah Pratt.

1668. June 2nd, John Sherman took oath of fidelity at a session of the court in Plymouth MA in Plymouth County.

1674. November 13th, John Sherman was married in Dartmouth MA to Sarah Spooner, and they lived in Dartmouth MA.

1675-6. King Philip's War. The town of Dartmouth MA was practically Annihilated, but it was rebuilt. John Sherman moved to South Dartmouth MA in Bristol County about this time.

1681. June 7th, John Sherman was admitted a freeman.

1683. Sarah's father prepared his will: "I give to my son-n-law John Sherman my great coat, and unto my daughter Sarah Sherman I give one cow."

1694. November 13th, John Sherman received a confirmatory deed of land in Dartmouth from William Brandford, the Governor of the Plymouth Colony, who was probably was the son of William Brandford (1590-1657), who was a passenger on the Mayflower.

1720. John Sherman prepared his will.

172x. Sarah Spooner (Sherman) died in Dartmouth MA sometime after 1720.

1734. April 16th, John Sherman age died at South Dartmouth MA. He was a farmer, blacksmith, and a prominent man of affairs in Daemon. He was a highly respected citizen, an honest hard working, thrifty man.

1734. May 21st, John Sherman's will was proved, and the inventory totaled 735 pounds sterling, 594 pounds sterling was the homestead.

Eight children of John and Sarah Sherman

1. Philip Sherman (9), 1675-1740 (lineage)
  2. Joshua Sherman (9), born September 1678 in Dartmouth MA, married in Dartmouth to possibly Alice Tripp before 1708. Two children.
3. Abigail Sherman (9), born September 1680 in Dartmouth, married November 2, 1703 to Nathaniel Chase, possible second marriage in 1757 to Isaac Pierce, she died September 20, 1747 at Dartmouth MA.
4. Hannah Sherman (9), born Jul 1682 in Dartmouth MA, married October 7, 1703 to William (Bowen/Boorn), married second to John Akin.
  5. Isaac Sherman (9), born October 1684 in Dartmouth MA married Sarah ___, six children.
6. Ephraim Sherman (9), born January 11, 1689 in Dartmouth MA, married to Mehitabel Tripp, died 1742.
      7. Timothy Sherman (9), born July 1691 in Dartmouth MA, married in 1718 to Deborah Akin who was born 1692, he died in Dartmouth MA in 1781, four children.
8. John Sherman (9), born 1692/4 in Dartmouth MA, a farmer in Dartmouth, possibly died young.