Thomas Sherman, Gentleman

Thomas Sherman (1), 1433-1492
Agnes _____
(1) (Sherman), 1437-xxxx

1433. Thomas Sherman was born about 1433 in Diss Norfolk County England.

xxxx. The term gentleman indicated he had no title of nobility, he bore a coat-of-arms and was known to be descended from a family which had borne one.

xxxx. Thomas married Agnes _____.

xxxx. Thomas was a lawyer, and served as church warden of Yaxley Parish. The reference that indicated he was a lawyer, may be confused with his grandson Thomas born 1490.

xxxx. Thomas survived the War of the Roses.

1492. Thomas wrote his will.

1492. Thomas Sherman died in Diss, conflicting data shows he died 1493. Thomas is buried in the Churchyard of the Parish Church of Diss.

Two Children of Thomas and Agnes Sherman

1. John Sherman (2) born 1445. (lineage).
  2. Agnes Sherman (2) (Clerk) born 145x, married John Clerk (2) born 144x.