Thomas Sherman
1433 - 1492

I desire to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of Diss aforesaid. I bequeath to the altar of the said church 6s. 6d.; to the repaires of the church 6s. 8d.; to the Guild of St. Nicholas 20d.; to the Guild of Corpus Christ 12d.; to the high altar of Yaxle 2s.; to the repairs of that church 20d,; to William Twyenham, my serving man 6s. 8d.; to each of my godsons and goddaughters 4d.; to the lane called "Styvys Lane" 6s; to the repairs of Roydon Church, 2 bushels of wheat and 4 bushels of malt; to the repairs of Stufton Church, 2 bushels of wheat and 4 bushels of malt; to the repairs of Burston Church the like.

I will that Agnes, my wife shall have my tenement, (except three houses, to wit; "a berne, a stable and a nethous") next the tenement of Agnes Melton, with the croft lying between the land of Thomas Cowper of the one part, and the land in the tenure of Wm. Foby on the other part, for the term of her widowhood; also 8 cows.
I will that John my son shall have my lands and tenements in Dyse and Yaxle to fulfil this my last will.

Item: I will have a suitable priest to celebrate for my soul, and the souls of my parents and benefactors for the space of four years.

I bequeath to Agnes wife of John Clerk a heifer of the best; to Thomas Clerk my godson, a heifer and a calf; to Elizabeth Clerk, a heifer; to each of the sons of John Clerk, a calf; to each of the daughters of John Sherman, a calf; to Thomas Shereve, my godson, a calf.
Residuary legatees and executors; the said John Sherman and John Clerk, Not witnessed.
Proved by John Sherman, with the power reserved for a commission to the other executor.

Dated November 4, 1492; Proved April 4, 1493 Consistory Norwich, Awbreye 150, [County of Norfolk, England]. (Abstract in English of this will in Latin, made by J. Henry Lea for the late Senator George F Hoar.)(SG p158; DPS p1).

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