John Sherman
1445 - 1504

I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, our Lady Saint Mary and to all ye holy company of heaven. To be buried in the parish yard of our Lady of Yaxley aforesaid.

To the high altar of said church for tithes forgotten or too little paid, three shillings four pence. To the reporacion of the church, one comb of malt and three bushels of wheat. To the reporacion of ye church in Dysse eight bushels of malte and four bushels of wheat.

To Agnes my wife for her life, my tenements in Yaxley called Hobbes, with all the land, both free and bond thereto appertaining, and a close called Tilers close. Also to Agnes my wife for her life my tenements in Yaxley wherein I now dwell with all the land, both free and bond and other appurtenances thereto belonging, or else my tenement in Dysse with appurtenances thereto belonging, (except a close called Elmswell) at her choice. The other tenements to be let by my executers "to Aynde wt my children" and pay my debts, and then to my son Thomas at the age of twenty two.

If my wife dies before my son Thomas becomes twenty two then said tenements and lands which she held for life to be let by my executers until my son Thomas becomes twenty two and then Thomas to have them, he paying to his sister Margery when she comes to the age of twenty two years ten pounds.

If may said daughter Margery decease within the age of twenty two years, then I will the said Thomas shall provide a priest a year to sing for my soul, and my friends souls, and another priest another year at his most ease.

If my son Thomas decease within the age of twenty two years than all the above named tenements and lands shall be sold by my executers, and Margery my daughter, if she lives, shall have to her marriage twenty pounds, and the residue to be disposed by the discretion of my executers.

Also I will that if Thomas my son and Margery my daughter at the age of sixteen years will not be content and ruled by my executers for their "findings" then Thomas my son to have towards his said findings of my executers every year twenty six shillings eight pence, and said Margery yearly thirteen shillings four pence, until they come to the age of twenty two years.

And I will that a close called Elmswell in Dysse afore excepted be sold by my executers to the performance of this my testament.

To my son Thomas at twenty two years, four quarters of barley and a cow.

To Margery my daughter at the said age of twenty two years, eight comb of barley and a cow.

To Robert my servant, eight bushels of barley.

To each of my godchildren, twelve pence.

Moreover I desire and require Mr Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook and others being feoffees of trust to my use in all above named tenements and lands, as well free of bond with all their premises, make estate and surrender of the same when they shall be required, according to this my testament and last will.

The residue of all my goods and chattels before not bequeathed I give to my executers to dispose for my soul and my friends as shall to them best and most pleasure to Almighty God and profit of my soul.
My said wife and Thomas Fuller, my father-in-law to be executers.

Dated August 10, 1504, Proved at Norwich Consistory Court December 12, 1504 and commission issued to executers named. (County of Suffolk, England).

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