Henry Sherman, Clothier

Henry Sherman (4), 1524-1590
Agnes Butler
(4) (Sherman), 1521-1580

1524. Henry was born in Yaxley in County Suffolk England

xxxx. Henry was a clothier, lived in Colchester in Essex County England. He bore the Suffolk- Sherman coat-of-arms.

xxxx. Henry married first to Agnes Butler at Dedham

1533/9. The Church of England was founded, prior to this date the Churches at Dedham, Yaxley and Diss were of the Roman Catholic religion.

1548. Henry was a landlord in Dedham in Essex County, and lived in a mansion called "Southfields," or sometimes called the Flemish House," which was built just before 1500. It included his residential quarters, a counting room, woadhouse and storerooms.

1567. September 30th Henry Sherman took surrender of the property called Hykell, this land held by later generations of the family.

1580. October 14th Agnes Sherman died, buried same day.

1581. June 5th Henry married second to Marion/Maryan Smyth (Wilson). She was the widow of Edmund Wilson.

1585/8. Henry married third to Margery _______.

1589/90. Henry wrote his will.

1590. Henry died in Colchester or Dedham and is buried in the Parish Church of Dedham.

Seven children of Henry and Agnes Sherman
1. Alice Sherman (5), born 1542, married Nicholas Lynce, buried October 20, 1566.
  2. Judith Sherman (5), born 154x, married William Petfield on October 27 1566, died and buried on April 6, 1601.
          1. Richard Petfield (6)
          2. Susan Petfield (6)
          3. Elizabeth Petfield (6)

3. Henry Sherman (5), born about 1545 (lineage)

4. Edmund Sherman (5), born 155x,
  5. John Sherman (5), born 155x, died and buried October 16, 1576.

6. Robert Sherman (5), born 155x,
  7. Thomas Sherman (5), born 156x, believe he died 1587/9.