Henry Sherman, Clothier

Henry Sherman (5), 1545-1610
Susan Lawrence
(5) (Sherman), xxxx-1610

1545. Henry Sherman was born about 1545 in Dedham, Essex County England.

1568. Henry married Susan Lawrence on June 14th at Moze in Essex County.

1597. In Easter term, Henry Sherman and Richard Upcher were sued in the Court of Common Pleas. Peter Butter of Colchester, clothier, Thomas Butter of Dedham, clothier, and John Morfell of Dedham, clothier, on bonds made in Manyngtre March 19, 1592.

1600. Thomas Lawrence of Eastrope, yeoman (brother of Henry's wife), and Henry Sherman were sued in Easter term by Joan Carter widow.

1610. Henry Sherman prepared his will.

1610. Henry Sherman was buried August 28th in the Churchyard at Dedham.

1610. Susan Sherman prepared her will.

1610. Susan was buried on September 13th in the Churchyard at Dedham.

Twelve children of Henry and Susan Sherman
      1. Phebe Sherman (6), Baptized May 1, 1570, married Simon Fenn clothier of Dedham
      2. Henry Sherman (6), Baptized August 26, 1571, married Mary _____. He was a clothier.

3. Samuel Sherman (6), (lineage)
      4. Anne Sherman (6), Baptized August 7, 1575, (may have been named Susan), Married first to Anthony Whiting of Dedham, clothier on January 8, 1594/5, married second to Thomas Wilson of Dedham, butcher.
      5. Daniel Sherman (6), born 156x, married first August 18, 1601 to Christian Chapman, married second to Sara Mitchell.
          1. Susan Sherman (7)
      6Nathaniel Sherman (6), Baptized June 19, 1580, died June 21, 1580.
      7. Nathaniel Sherman (6), Baptized July 11, 1582, married first Phebe ______, married second Priscilla Anger. He was a clothier.
      8. John Sherman (6), Baptized August 17, 1585, married Grace Makin.
          1. John Sherman (7) of Watertown MA.
      9. Ezekiel Sherman (6), Baptized July 25, 1587, married first Rachel Alefounder, married second Anne Stephens. He was a clothier.
      10. Edmund Sherman (6), born 159x, married Judith Anger.
      11. Mary Sherman (6), Baptized July 27, 1592
      12. Elizabeth Sherman (6), (possible youngest daughter)