Lucy C. Sherman
1891 - 1968

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That I, Lucy C. Sherman, presently residing in Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan, being of lawful age and sound and disposing mind and memory, make my last Will and Testament as follows;


I believe that all property which I own is owned jointly with full rights of ownership by survivorship by myself and my beloved husband, Grant D. Sherman, and that in the event he survives me I will have no estate to probate, but nevertheless I make this Last Will and Testament.


I revoke all Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made, appoint my said husband, Grant D. Sherman, executor, direct that I be buried in the cemetery in Watertown Township, Tuscola County, near Fostoria, Michigan, and if I have not acquired a cemetery lot prior to my death, that a lot be acquired in said cemetery and that I be buried there, and that a suitable inexpensive marker be erected at my grave and all of the costs thereof and all of my just debts be paid, and I give, devise and bequeath all of my real estate and personal propery to my said husband, Grant D. Sherman, provided he survives me, absolutely.


If my said husband shall have pre-deceased me, then, in that event and in that event only, I leave the selection of a fiduciary of my estate to my children, and I direct that I be buried and cost of funeral expenses and just debts be paid as hereinbefore mentioned, and that the funeral expenses and costs of a marker at the grave of my spouse be paid, if same have not been paid, and I give, devise and bequeath all my remaining real and personal property of every kind and nature to my three children, Norene Sherman Hill, Eleanor Sherman Dougherty, and Alonzo J. Sherman, provided they survive me, in equal shares, absolutely; and, if any of my said children shall have pre-deceased me their respective children shall take respectively by right of representation, absolutely.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, Lucy C. Sherman, have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of April, 1950.

Lucy C. Sherman (signed), Testatrix

On this 27th day of April, A.D., 1950, the within instrument consisting of this page and one preceding page, was, at the Village of Fenton, County of Genesee, Michigan, by the said Lucy C. Sherman, Testatrix, in the presence of each and all of us signed, sealed, published and declared to be her Last Will and Testament, and we, at her request and in her presence, and in the presence of each of us, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

Maurice R. Matthews (signed), Fenton, Michigan
Dorothy W. Smith (signed), Fenton, Michigan

Note Lucy Theresa Culhane (Sherman) used the name Lucy C [Culhane] Sherman. Her estate was settle by her three children, it was not probated. (The will is in the possession of the compiler).


The estate was not probated, it was settled mutually by her three children: (1) Lucy Norene Sherman (Hill), (2) Alonzo Joseph Sherman, and (3) Eleanor Josephine Sherman (Dougherty), and supervised by her sister Josephine Margaret Culhane. The stocks and time certificates went to the joint owners. The savings and checking accounts were converted to cash. Cash was used to pay the estate expenses and the remaining was divided equally among the three children.

A. Settlement of Personal Items of Lucy C Sherman, Dec 27, 1968.
Lucy and Josephine were living together in an apartment in Flint when Lucy died, and as shown below some items were left in the apartment as long as Josephine was using them.

Items Initial/Final Distribution
1. Glass &/or brass candle sticks Larry Hill
2. Hand painted table cloth Sandy Hill
3. Wrist watch, new Patricia Sherman
4. Wrist watch, old Therese Dougherty
5. Radio Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
6. Lamp, green Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
7. Lamp, white w/roses Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
8. 2 old chairs Josephine Culhane/Norene
9. Old dresser, 4 drawers Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
10. Old dresser, 3 drawers Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
11. Old radio Doughertys
12. Bed & bedding Josephine Culhane
13. Writing table Josephine Culhane/Eleanor
14. 2 billfolds & 1886 1$ bill Grant David Sherman
15. Milk pitcher, blue Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
16. Rocker Josephine Culhane/Alonzo
17. Silverware, set of 8 Beth Hill
18. Store cart Mae Hill
19. Living room lamp Josephine Culhane/Norene
20. Couch Josephine Culhane/Eleanor
21. Wood Carving of Lucy12 Sherman Josephine Culhane/Lucy12
22. Rose dresser set Dougherty girls
23. King Edward Mug Cameron Dougherty
24. Electric oven Eleanor Sherman
25. Kitchen Clock Josephine Culhane/David Hill
26. Memory Book (Lucy's) Lucy Ann Sherman
27. Memory Book (Grant's) Grant David Sherman
28. Table cloth Josephine Marie Sherman
29. Cookbook Carol Hill
30. No other items of value or personal desire remain.

B. Settlement of Stocks & Time Certificates (in joint tenant with rights of survivorship) of Lucy C Sherman, Dec 27, 1968.

Received Number Shares Maturity Value

Consumers Power Common Stock. $41-1/8 on Mar 24 1969.
Alonzo 277290 7 shares Dec 02 1963 287.88
Eleanor 373176 1 share Apr 03 1967 41.13
Eleanor 267548 19 shares Nov 28 1967 781.38
Eleanor G333674 1 share Apr 02 1967 41.13
Alonzo G329951 1 share Apr 26 1967 41.13

N Indiana Public Service Co Common Stock, $30-1/4 on Mar 24 1969.
Alonzo SS0019472 5 shares Apr 15 1966 151.25
Alonzo CF76196 5 shares Nov 06 1963 151.25

Detroit Edison Co Common Stock, $26-1/4 on Mar 24 1969
Alonzo U21967 11 shares Nov 25 1963 288.75

Citizen's Bank, Time Certificates
Norene 51474 Jul 07 1967 1,000.00
Josephine Culhane 51476 Jul 07 1967 2,000.00
Eleanor 51475 Jul 07 1967 1,000.00

1st Federal, Time Certificates
Alonzo 3456 Aug 24 1967 1,000.00
Eleanor 3529 Sep 18 1967 1,000.00

Total Value $7,783.90

C. Settlement of Cash Assests of Lucy C Sherman.

Item Value Balance
1. 1st Federal, closed savings account 16850,
joint with Alonzo and Norene +2,474.63 $2,474.63
2. Coins in mother's desk +8.82 2,483.45
3. Cash at Eleanor's +70.00 2,553.45
4. James C Hill ($5 to open lock-box,
and $52 & $18.72 to Anthony Florists) -75.72 2,477.73
5. Hill Funeral Home (partial payment) -1,000.00 1,477.73
6. Citizens, closed account 40-81142-4, joint
with Josephine Culhane: Bank showed 90.60,
minus mothers referral slip of $25.00 to her
checking, and plus $1.51 interest, = 67.11. +67.11 1,544.84
7. Death certificates -6.50 1,538.34
8. Eleanor 1/3 cash, partial -350.00 1,188.34
9. Norene 1/3 cash, partial -350.00 838.34
10. Alonzo 1/3 cash, partial -350.00 488.34
11. Clarence W Hill for application in Leiu
of Probate to get $17.00 from checking account
No 77296-2 at Citizens Bank, but 2 checks noted
not sent were sent and balance was less. -5.00 483.34
12. Money from checking account 77296-2, +2.80
paid directly to Hill funeral home. -2.80 483.34
13. Hill Funeral Home (final) -286.30 197.04
14. Paid $65.68 each to Norene, Eleanor &
Alonzo, as final settlement. -197.04 0.00

D. Summary of Cash Value Assests (Items B & C Above).

Name/Item Value Total
Time certificate 1,000.00
Cash 415.68 1,415.68
6 Stocks 920.26
Time certificate 1,000.00
Cash 415.68 2,335.94
3 Stocks 863.64
2 Time certificates 2,000.00
Cash 415.68 3,279.32
Josephine Culhane
Time certificate 2,000.00 2,000.00
Estate expenses 1,376.32 1,376.32

Total Cash Value Assests Settled $10,407.26

(Compiler's personal records).

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