Grant D Sherman

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT, that I Grant D. Sherman, presently residing in Mundy Township, Genesee County, Michigan, being of lawful age and sound and disposing mind and memory, make my Last Will and Testament as follows:


I believe that all property which I own is owned jointly with full rights of ownership by survivorship by myself and my beloved wife, Lucy C. Sherman, and that in the event she survives me I will have no estate to probate, but nevertheless I make this Last Will and Testasment.


I revoke all Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made, appoint my said wife, Lucy C. Sherman, executrix, direct that I be buried in the cemetery in Watertown Township, Tuscola County, near Fostoria, Michigan, and if I have not acquired a cemetery lot prior to my death, that a lot be acquired in said cemetery and that I be buried there, and that a suitable inexpensive marker be erected at my grave and all of the costs thereof and all of my just debts be paid, and I give, devise and bequeath all of my real estate and personal property to my said wife, Lucy C. Sherman, provided she survives me, absolutely.


If my said wife shall have pre-deceased me, then, in that event and in that event only, I leave the selection of a fiduciary of my estate to my children, and I direct that I be buried and costs of funeral expenses and just debts be paid as hereinbefore mentioned, and that the funeral expenses and cost of a marker at the grave of my spouse be paid, if same have not been paid, and I give, devise and bequeath all by remaining real estate and personal property of every kind and nature to my three children, Norene Sherman Hill, Eleanor Sherman Dougherty, and Alonzo J Sherman, provided they survive me, in equal shares, absolutely; and, if any of my said children shall have pre-deceased me their respective children shall take respectively by right of representations, absolutely.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, Grant D. Sherman, have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of April, 1950.

Grant D. Sherman (signed), Testator

On this 27 day of April, A.D., 1950, the within instrument consisting of this page and one preceding page, was, at the Village of Fenton, County of Genesee, Michigan, by the said Grant D. Sherman, Testator, in the presence of each and all of us signed, sealed, published and declared to be his Last Will and Testament, and we, at his request and in the presence of each of us, and in his presence, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

Maurice R. Matthews (signed), Fenton, Michigan
Dorothy W. Smith (signed), Fenton, Michigan

Note. The estate was settled by his wife Lucy C Sherman, it was not probated.

(Probate Court, Genesee County, Flint MI: File number 49537 roll number 353).


Inventory of Lock Box No 7355 in Michigan National Bank, Flint, MI, registered jointly to Mr. and Mrs. Grant Sherman: Opened July 1 1950 by order of the probate court. Contents were:

1. Bill fold, brown leather with name Alonzo Sherman [Grant's father] containing souvenir Silver dollar certificate.

2. Miscellaneous receipts and expired policies.

3. Certified copy of Birth record of Grant D Sherman Tuscola Co. Record No. 711 v3p144 June 22 1886.

4. Last Will and Testament of Lucy C Sherman in sealed envelope sealed. Left in box.

5. Last Will and Testament of Grant D. Sherman in sealed envelope delivered by me this date of (sic) [to] Probate Court. Receipt for Will given to Mrs Sherman.

6. United Benefit Life Ins. Policy No 587878 for Alonzo J Sherman [son].

7. Black leather case containing the following currency: $1,000 in one dollar bills and one fifty dollar bill.

8. Brown leather bill fold containing the following currency as follows: Total $750.00; $440 in twenties, $110 in tens, and $200 in fifties.

9. White envelope labelled Lucy Sherman, Grand Blanc Mich. containing the following currency: Total $1,410.00 --$800 in one hundred dollar bills. 1 fifty dollar bill, $480 in twenties, 6 ten dollar bills, and 2 five dollar bills.

10. 1 US Bond issued to Lucy Sherman or Grant Sherman L32298548E $50.00.

11. 2 US Bonds issued to Eleanor or Grant Sherman for $25.00 each, Q85513318E & Q190567635E.

12. 1 US Bond issued to Eleanor or Lucy Sherman Q190546115E $25.00.

13. The following bonds issued to Grant D or Lucy C Sherman:
1 for $1,000 M13283808E.
1 for $200.00 R3649494E.
2 for $50.00 each, L114656451E & L71254608E.
1 for $25.00 Q315173675E.
1 for $100.00 C6916494E.
8 for $50.00 each, L71257589E, L56464111E, L71249579E, L35278808E, L42789650E, L47047419E, L31067766E, & L31063067E.

Witness: Lucy Sherman (signed)
Witness: James C Hill (signed)

Summary of lock box contents: $3,210.00 and face value of bonds $2,050.00, or a total of $5,260.00.

(Probate Court, Genesee County, Flint, MI: File number 49537 roll number 353).

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