Alonzo Joseph Sherman

Alonzo Joseph Sherman (16)
Patricia Ann Raths (16) (1932-2002)

1945. Alonzo graduated from High School.

1948/55. Alonzo worked part time for the US Soil Conservation Service in East Lansing, Cheboygan, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Centerville, and Ann Arbor.

1950. Alonzo earned a BS degree in Soil Science.

1950/2. Alonzo was a Cpl in US Army.

1950. Patricia Ann Raths graduated from High School.

1954. Patricia earned a BA degree from the Art Institute of Chicago.

1955. Patricia taught Junior High in Saginaw MI.

1955. Alonzo and Patricia were married, her family info is under her fathers page on the Raths side of this site Charles Aloysius Raths'.

1955/78. Alonzo worked for the US Air Force in Japan, Hawaii and Michigan.

Note: Some details left out for privacy.


Memories of Alonzo Sherman

Seven children of Alonzo and Patricia Sherman

1. John Charles Sherman (18)

1973. John graduated from High School.
1975. John married Mary Gould.
1978. John and Mary were divorced.
xxxx. John is a truck driver.
xxxx. John's hobbies are mountain and nature photography and astronomy. His website.


2. Josephine Marie Sherman (18) (1956-2000)

1956. Josephine was born 20 Dec, at the Air Force Hospital at Tachikawa Japan
She graduated from Oscoda High School, Oscoda MI
Josephine married 1st to David Keith LeCureux, later divorced
Josephine worked for Iosco County Mental Health.
She graduated from Alpena Community College with an Associates Degree in Human Services.
Josephine married 2nd to Thomas Farquharson
Josephine worked for Midland County Mental Health.
Josephine died on 22 Jun in Beavertown, Michigan

          1. David Keith LeCureux Jr (19) born 29 Jun, in Tawas City MI, David died in a bicycle/car accident 31 Oct 1987 in Oscoda MI, buried in Springport Greenbush MI.

3. Jeffrey Jay Sherman (18) (1958-2007)

1976. Jeff graduated from High School.
1978. Jeff married Tracey Lynn Wagner.
1980. Jeff earned a BS degree from Northern Michigan University.
2007. Jeff died from Colon Cancer in Dallas, Texas

          1. Jason Jay Sherman (19) graduated from high school, attending college
          2. Sarah Kaye Sherman (19)
          3. Michelle Lynn Sherman (19)

4. Jennifer Louise Sherman (18) (1959-1994)

1959. Jennifer was born 1 Jan at the Catholic Hospital, in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
Jennifer graduated from Oscoda High School, Oscoda MI
Jennifer graduated "Summa Cum Laude" with a degree in Secondary Education from Northern Michigan University, she taught school in Eagle Butte SD
Jennifer married Mark Miller, they operated a wildlife and scenic photo company, website
Jennifer died at Boulder Community Hospital, from complications from childbirth.

          1. Matthew David Sherman Miller (19)

5. Grant David Sherman (18)

1985. Grant married Cheryl Gibson (Fredericks).
1987. Grant and Cheryl were divorced.
1994. Grant married Kelly Karns (Goodman)(Carter).

          1. Jesse Allen Sherman (19)
          2. Pamela Goodman (19)
          3. Amanda Goodman (19)
          4. David Carter (19)
          5. Jenny Carter (19)

6. Lucy Ann Sherman (18)

1979. Lucy graduated from high school.
1980. Lucy married Khosro Fazely.
1982. Lucy was a medical technician in the US Air Force, Khosro worked as a mechanic.
1983. Khosro studied at Alpena Community College.
1988/93. Lucy cared for her great-aunt Josephine Culhane who was living with them.
xxxx. Lucy and Khosro were divorced.
xxxx. Lucy is a quilt designer, her website.

          1. Jeremy Amir Fazely (19)

7. Allen Joseph Sherman (18)

1982. Allen graduated from High School
1982. Allen joined the Navy at age 17, as a Hull Maintenance Technician, and attended general and advanced welding schools. He has served on the following ships: USS Barbey (FF-1088), USS Hewitt (DD-966), USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) and the USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60).
2002. Allen retired from the Navy after 20 years of service.
Present: Working as a welder for a Washington State manufacturing company. His hobbies are hiking and wildlife & mountain photography, his website. Spends his free time volunteering for the US Forest Service, locating and clearing old hiking trails so they can be reopened.