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Parents. (x1700p). Names of the parents of Thomas Culhane (c1801-1885) are unknown. It is believed they lived in Glin, Co Limerick, Ireland, or at least that is where their son Thomas Culhane was living when he left for Canada. In fact there are no known documentation to support any of the stories handed down through family tradition.
One story exists that they were wealthy and a well educated Catholic family, and that he was a professor in a Catholic University where he taught Latin and Greek (LSL p26).

Possible Names of Thomas' parents are Mortimer and Margaret Culhane: Traditionally the 1st son was named after the father's father; the 2nd son was named after the mother's father; and the 3rd son named after the father. And likewise the 1st daughter was named after the father's mother; the 2nd daughter was named after the mother's mother; the 3rd daughter named after the mother. Using Thomas' 2nd marriage and comparing tradition to reality, there is a 75% match. From this information a person might speculate that Thomas' father's name was Mortimer and his mother's name was Margaret. However, this totally disregards how the names (currently unknown) of the 9 children by Thomas' 1st wife would have interacted with naming of children by his 2nd wife.

There were no Catholic baptism or marriage records that survived in the parish of Glin before 1851. Starting in 1851 baptism and marriage record were kept in the parish. No Catholic death or burial records were kept by the Church, but for the wealthy their wills and deeds may give death information. In 1864 Civil registration started and birth, marriage and death records were maintained by the civil authority. (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387).
Siblings. (x1700s). The number of children and their names are not known, except for Thomas Culhane (1801-1885) himself. In fact there is no known documentation to support any of the stories handed down through family tradition, except for Thomas Culhane. Information about reported siblings are:

1. A sister, name unknown, reportedly married a Fitzgerald and stayed in Glin.

2. A brother named Patrick Culhane, age unknown, stayed in Glin. A letter to Agnes Culhane (Bell), c1977 from Ellie Culhane age 79 of Glin Ireland indicated she was "a descendant of Patrick Culhane, who was the brother of Thomas Culhane who had 12 children and they went away." (OTC p243)

3. A sister named Mary Culhane born about 1796/1811 married a McDonald/MacDonald, Possibly named James McDonald, and moved to Ontario Canada (OTC p16). According to the 1871 census Thomas' neighbor, living in a shanty in Lot 7 Concession 1 Logan Twp, was Mary MacDonald age 60 [b1811], born in Ireland; who had a son Tom MacDonald born in Canada; 1 acres of garden and no farm animals or equipment. (TC p0.4) Also, a possible daughter is Johanna McDonald age 20 of Ellice Twp born 1842 in Ireland, daughter of James & Mary McDonald married Mar 3 1862 to Richard Gunon age 30 of Ellice Twp born 1832 in Ireland, son of Richard & Johanna Gunon (1858-1868 Marriage Records of Perth Co). From 1879 through 1886 Mary Culhane, also known as Mary McDonald, received relief from the Logan Twp Council. The 1881 Census of Logan Twp showed Mary MacDonald age 75 born in Ireland, Catholic, no occupation (mc/dc).
Reportedly Thomas had a sister Mary Culhane (McDonald or MacDonald) who lived somewhere in Canada and had a large family. Her husband, possible name James McDonald, was "shanghaied" (kidnapped for crew duty on a China run), was never heard from again, and she raised the children alone. (OTC p16/17).
Mary Culhane (McDonald) died Feb 25 1886 at age 90 of old age and is buried in Kinkora ON (mc/dc).

4. A possible brother named Cornelius "Con" Culhane. It has been said by Ray Culhane, who is Thomas Culhane's grandson, that Con Culhane, was a brother of Thomas Culhane. James Culhane is Ray Culhanes father, and a son of Thomas Culhane, worked as a lumberman for Con Culhane c1882. Con Culhane was a very colorful lumberman in Michigan. Lake Culhane in NE Luce Co Michigan was named after him. "Con" is short for Cornelius. (OTC p56,64,235). However it has been noted that Cornelius Culhane who was born in Glin Ireland was 41 years younger than Thomas Culhane, and very unlikely a brother (1880 Census of Dwight Twp Huron Co MI).