Thomas Culhane

Thomas Culhane (1) 1801-1885
Mary Prendergast (1) 1818- 1866


1801. Thomas Culhane was born probably 1801 in Glin, Co Limerick, Ireland: dates of births recorded ranged from 1801 on his death certificate to 1801/1811/1815 on censuses. Thomas's parents, names unknown, were reportedly wealthy and well educated, and supported the Irish rebel causes against the English. Thomas' father was reportedly at one time a professor in a Catholic University, and taught Latin & Greek. See Sec 3B. (TC p0.1; OTC p11; LSL p26).

1818. Mary Prendergast born in Ireland, parents John Prendergast and Johannah Hicks: She was a red head (TC p0.1,0.6).

1823. Thomas married about 1823 to his first wife, name unknown, and had nine children, names unknown (TC p0.1). Reportedly Thomas was a University Art graduate and became a schoolmaster (OTC p12; LSL p26). Thomas did not teach at the Trinity College in Dublin Ireland (Keeper of Manuscripts, Trinity College, Jun 19 1989). There were no other colleges in Ireland at the time he would have taught at.

1830. Tithe Applotment Books for the civil parish of Kilfergus, which comprised the Roman Catholic parish of Glin, indicated a person or persons named Thomas Culhane was holding land in: Ballycullane, Ballygiltenan Lower; Ballygiltenan Upper; Farrenmiller; and Ballygoghlan. (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387).

1835. Nov 27th, Thomas married 2nd Mary Prendergast. They had three children in Ireland and ten in Canada: He fathered 22 children in total (TC p0.1; OTC p17).
Since marriages traditionally were in the bride's parish the following may be the record of their marriage: Thomas Culhane and Mary Prendergast were married Nov 1 1834 in the Roman Catholic parish of Manister (Monster), County Limerick; witnesses were Thomas Prendergast and Patrick O'Donnell. A marriage certificate is available from Father Garrett Bleat, P.P., Manister, Croom, County Limerick. (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387). At this time there was a John Prendergast and Johanna Hicks who lived in County Limerick and had a son William Prendergast baptized Jul 18 1814 in the Roman Catholic parish of Bruff, which is adjacent to the parish of Manister. (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387). There were no baptism records for any of Thomas' children. (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387).

1839/43. Thomas would not accept English rule and the Episcopal faith so he fled Ireland as a pauper by stealth. He left to avoid being imprisoned by the English. Reportedly Thomas, his wife and 12 children, boarded a passing ship in the Shannon River, and sailed to Montreal Quebec Canada, between Aug 1839 and May 1843. It is reported that 9 of their children died from typhus and were buried at sea on the voyage (OTC). In reality there may have been as many as 11 of their children that died at sea, or died very soon after arriving in Canada. Nevertheless, there has been no records found in Canada of the 11 children: Mortimer Culhane was the only child born in Ireland that records exist to indicate he survived the voyage. Thomas thinking he had done the wrong thing for his family, sat on a piling and cried when he arrived in Canada. (TC p0.1; OTC p12/13; LSL p1). An extensive search of both Canada and Great Britain records indicate there are no comprehensive lists of immigrants arriving in Canada prior to 1865. A few lists of subsidized British immigration schemes of 1817-1831 have been found, but they have no Culhane or Prendergast. (National Archives of Canada, May 29 1989).

1841. Canada West was established by merging the Provinces of Upper & Lower Canada.

1843/51. Records for the boy's school from 1843 and girls school from 1847 exits for Glin, and were check and as expected none of Thomas's children were shown (Limerick Regional Archives, Jun 24 1998, Ref letter 98.387).

1843. May 27th, Thomas was sponsor for the son of William Prendergast and Mary McCarty in Toronto ON (TC p0.2). This is the first record of Thomas being in Canada.
Relationship of William Prendergast to Mary Prendergast (Culhane) is unknown. Family tradition indicated Thomas' 1839/43 voyage was made with Thomas and Mary Prendergast: Mary Prendergast (Culhane's) brother and his wife (LSL para18). However records indicated Thomas Prendergast and Mary McMahon (Prendergast) were not married until 1846 in Ireland, and immigrated to Canada the same year (TP p1.4). Possibly William Prendergast was her brother.

1843/47. Four Children were reportedly born in or near Toronto: Robert, Margaret, Johanna & Catherine. Peter was born in 1848, location unknown. (TC p0.2)

c1848. Family reportedly lived in Galt ON in Waterloo Co. No records found to support this. (TC p0.2)

1849. Thomas lived in Lot 6 Concession 2 Ellice Twp Perth Co ON and was assessed 3 days labor as shown on the Statue Labor Rolls: First record of family being in Ellice Twp. This location is about 1 ½ miles NW of Stratford. (TC p0.2)

1850. Jun 28th, Thomas did not enroll for the Militia of the United Counties of Huron, Perth and Bruce (TC p0.2).

1850. Thomas lived in Lot 6 Concession 2 Ellice Twp and was assessed 2 days labor on the Statue Labor Rolls (TC p0.2).

1850. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co, Lot 6 Concession 2, indicated: Thomas Culhane age 45, nonproprietor, handicraft occupation; 3 children between 5-15 years [regarding districting of school money and would have been Mortimer, Robert & Margaret]; 24 acres with 8 in crops and 16 wood or wild; value of cleared land $10.00 and wild land $3.00 per acre; previous years yield was 5 acres wheat yielded 26 bushels, 1 acre oats yielded 10 bushels, 1 acre potatoes yielded 50 bushels, 50 pounds of maple sugar, 1 neat [bovine] cattle, 1 hog (TC p0.2).

1851. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co indicated: Thomas Cullane (sic) age 36, cooper; Mary Culhane age 33; Morty Culhane age 14; Robert Culhane age 7; Marg't Culhane age 6; Johanna Culhane age 4; Catherine Culhane age 4; Peter Culhane age 4; Mary Ann Culhane age 2; Roman Catholic; one-story, one family log shanty; not listed in agricultural census. (TC p0.3) Thomas Gerald Culhane, Thomas' great-great-grandson has reported that he has seen this log shanty and that it is still standing in the 1980's (TGC).

1851. Thomas lived in Ellice Twp Lot 6 Concession 2 and was assessed 3 days labor on the Statue Labor Rolls (TC p0.3).

1852. Apr 29th, Thomas lived in Ellice Twp Lot 6 Concession 2 and was assessed 2 days labor on the Statue Labor Rolls (TC p0.3).

1852. Sep 12th, Thomas Culhane and Mary Prendergast were sponsors for Richard Finnegan (x1801e1852) born Nov 28 1852, son of Michael Finnegan and Margaret Cowley, at St Joseph Catholic Church in Stratford ON (TC p0.3). [dates must be incorrect, he was confirmed before he was born].

1853. Nov 4th, Thomas voted in the Ellice Twp election (TC p0.3).

1854. Dec 29th, Thomas and Mary Balhane (sic) were sponsors for Catherine Kennedy (x1801e1854) born Oct 26 1854, daughter of William and Mary Kennedy, at St Joseph Catholic Church in Stratford (TC p0.3).

1857/58. <check the Canadian Directory for 1857/58, 1542p, at NEHGS>.

1858. Thomas did not vote in the Ellice Twp election (TC p0.3).

1858. St Patrick's Catholic Church was built in Kinkora in Ellice Twp Perth Co. It was a frame building, that burned in 1882. (TC p0.3).

1860. Thomas did not vote in Ellice Twp election (TC p0.3).

1860. Nov 20th, Thomas leased 50 acres from the Canada Company, N ½ of Lot 1 Concession 6 in Logan Twp Perth Co ON. This was about 7 miles W & 2½ mile N of Stratford. He had to clear 4 acres per year and pay an annual rent of $9.00: Which is 6% of the cash price of $150.00. (TC p0.3).

1860. A one-story one-family brick house was built in Ellice Twp, and Thomas was the renter (TC p0.4). Not known if this house was on the 50 acres he rented, or on the S ½ of the lot.

1871. Census would indicate the house was on the 50 acres he rented.

1861. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co indicated: Thomas Culhane age 50, cooper; Mary Culhane age 40; Mort Culhane age 24, cooper; Robert Culhane age 18; Margaret Culhane age 16; Johanna Culhane age 14; Catherine Culhane age 13; [Mary Ann Culhane age 11 omitted for reason unknown]; Peter Culhane age 12; Bridget Culhane age 10; Jule (sic) Culhane age 8; James Culhane age 3; Roman Catholic; not listed in the agricultural census. (TC p0.4).

1861. Above census also indicated a neighbor Mary Culhane, could be Thomas' sister.

1863. Thomas lived in Logan Twp Lot 1 Concession 6 (Stratford Directory; TC p0.4).

1864. Jun 4th, Thomas was named pathmaster, overseer of highways, in Logan Twp (TC p0.4).

1865. Feb 8th, a Thos Culhane had a letter remaining in the Stratford P O (TC p1.4).

1866. Mary Prendergast (Culhane) died giving birth, no record of the child so it is assumed the child also died. Mary is probably buried in the cemetery at St Patrick's Catholic Church in Kinkora, near Stratford: Church records do not confirm this but the records are incomplete (TC; LSL p9).

1867. Province of Ontario (ON) established from Canada West, through the Confederation of Canada. Canada East became Quebec.

1867. Thomas was as a house renter in Lot 1 Concession 6 in Logan Twp Perth Co (DIR; TC p0.4).

1869. August, Thomas' lease of the 50 acres in Logan Twp Lot 1 Concession 6 was cancelled, for reasons unknown. Thomas probably lived there until 1873, when Tom Walsh leased it. (TC p0.4)

1869. First resident priest established at St Patrick's Church in Kinkora.

1870. Thomas was a house renter in Lot 1 Concession 6 in Logan Twp Perth Co (DIR; TC p0.4).

1871. Census Logan Twp Perth Co indicated: Thomas Culhane age 68, cooper, widow; James Culhane age 12, at school; lived on 50 acres as tenants, 25 improved and 25 pasture; no farm animals or equipment; produced 1000 staves the preceding year (TC p0.4).

1871. <check the Canada Yearbook & Almanac for 1871, 250p, at NEHGS>.

1876. Thomas' son James Culhane ran away from home and lived with his mother's brother uncle Thomas Prendergast in Green Oak Twp Livingston Co MI, about 3 miles S of Brighton MI. James was the last child to leave home. (TC p0.4; OTC p14).

1878/79. Thomas not listed in Logan Twp Perth Co (DIR; TC p0.4).

1879. Thomas listed in the Perth Co Atlas, by Carronbrook (TC p0.5).

1881. Census of Logan Twp Perth Co indicated Thomas age 76, cooper (TC p0.5).

1882. Apr 8th, Thomas who was destitute applied to Logan Twp Council for relief and they gave him one cord of stave bolts to earn his livelihood by making tubs (TC p0.5).

1882. Thomas was approved $10.00 relief by the Council for the year, to be paid in 3 months installments. Council also approved $20.00 to Mrs Culhane, apparently his neighbor, and probably his sister, which was later crossed out of the records for reasons unknown. (TC p0.5).

1882. Thomas not listed in Perth Co (DIR; TC p0.5).

1883. Mar 5th, Thomas was granted $10.00 relief by the Logan Twp Council (TC p0.5).

1883. Thomas left Canada and visited his daughter Molly Culhane (Walker) in Detroit MI. His son-in-law Ben Walker painted an 18"x18" color portrait of him: Copy on p10 of reference OTC. (TC p0.5). Thomas's granddaughter Mary Agnes Culhane (Bell) had the portrait in the 1970s. Agnes gave the portrait to Thomas Gerald Culhane, a grandson of Mortimer Culhane, who had it in 1988. (JMC).

1883/85. About 1883 Thomas lived with his son James Culhane in Pinckney MI and his daughter Bridget Culhane kept house for Thomas and James. Sep 1883 James married and Thomas lived with James & his wife in Pinckney. (TC p0.5).

1884. State Census of Livingston Co MI, which included Pinckney, was lost (TC p0.5).

1885. When Bridget Culhane married then Thomas lived with Bridget & her husband in Pinckney. Later in 1885 James moved to Wayne MI and Thomas lived with his son James & his wife in Wayne. About early Sep, Thomas' daughter Molly Culhane (Walker) took Thomas home to stay with her in Detroit MI because James and Jenny's baby was due: The baby was born Oct 30th. (TC p0.5).
Sep 24th, Thomas Culhane became ill from the drinking water in Detroit and died. Buried Sep 26 1885 in an unmarked grave in Lot #32 S ½ Ward H, probably grave #7, in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron MI. Owner of Lot was his son Robert Culhane. (TC p0.5) The cemetery is operated by the St Stephen's Catholic Church in Port Huron, and is located at 1209 Kroft Rd: Sec 27 of Fort Gratiot Twp St Clair Co MI.
The unnumbered Death Certificate from the Dept of Health Detroit MI: Indicated Thomas Culhane a cooper was born in 1801 and died Sep 24 1885 at 429 14th Ave, 10th Ward, Detroit MI; his parents names were not shown; place of burial was Port Huron. (TC p0.5). The burial permit #14367/2 issued by the same office has been destroyed according to a 1988 letter from Registrar of Vital Records Detroit Dept of Health (mc/rvr).
22 Children (9 by 1st wife and 13 by 2nd wife):

22 Children, 9 by 1st wife, 13 by 2nd wife
  1-9. Names of the first 9 children are unknown born in Glin in Co Limerick Ireland. All died from typhus on the 1839/43 voyage from Ireland to Canada and were probably buried at sea. (Gen Refs: TC p0.1; OTC p13).

10. Mortimer Culhane (2) born May 20th 1837
  11. John Culhane (2) born Jul 27 1838 in Glin Ireland and died from typhus on the c1839/43 voyage from Ireland to Canada and probably buried at sea, or died soon after arrival.(
      12. Thomas Culhane (2) born Jul 17 1839 in Glin Ireland and died from typhus on the c1839/43 voyage from Ireland to Canada and probably buried at sea, or died soon after arrival.

13. Robert Culhane (2) 1843-1924 (lineage)

14. Margaret Culhane (2) 1844-1916

15. Johanna Culhane (2) 1845 -1910

16. Catherine C Culhane (2) 1847-1929

17. Peter Culhane (2)

1848. Born Apr 4 in Ontario.
1851. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co ON indicated Peter age 4 lived with his parents.
1861. Census of Ellice Twp indicated Peter age 12 lived with his parents.
1868. Peter was a witness to a wedding in Port Huron MI.
1870. Census of 1st Ward in the City of Port Huron St Clair Co MI indicated: Peter Culhane age 21, cooper; and his brother Robert age 25, cooper; both born in Canada and parents of foreign birth; neither a citizen (p324/d144/f155). They lived in the Mansion House Hotel, NW corner of Butler & Commercial Sts.
c1875/95. Peter left home for about 20 years and returned as unexpectedly as he left, and never mention where he had been.
1880. Census of Ridgeway Twp Lenawee Co MI indicated no Peter Culhane (p372/83). Peter not listed in the Soundex Index for MI or WI.
1890. Census of Civil War Veterans & Widows indicated no Culhanes listed in Lenawee Co.
1894. <check state census>.
1900. Census of Ridgeway Twp Lenawee Co MI indicated: Peter age 52, born Apr 1848 in Canada, parents born in Ireland, single, woodchopper, rented house, could read write & speak English, immigrated 1880 & in US 20 years, naturalized (p127/d194/f196).
1900/10. Reportedly Peter became a janitor for a small Catholic Church near Monroe MI, and was buried there (LSL para 7b). Another report indicated he was a janitor for a Catholic Church in Britton MI where he was buried: Ridgeway Twp Lenawee Co (OTC p38). Reportedly Peter had a drinking problem, never married, and was very charming. It is assumed he died before Apr 15 1910, based on the following entries.
1910. Census of Ridgeway Twp Lenawee Co MI indicated no Peter Culhane. Census of Monroe Co MI indicated no Peter Culhane. Peter Culhane is not shown as being in the MI 1910. Census Index. Therefore, it is assumed he died before Apr 15 1910. <check morality schedule for 1910, if there was one>.
1916. Oct 4th, Peter was not mentioned in his sister Margaret's obituary with the other living brothers and sisters.
1917. Jul 5th, Peter was not listed in his sister Bridget's obituary with the other living brothers and sisters.(Gen Refs: TC p8.1; OTC p38; LSL p7b)

18. Mary Ann "Molly" Culhane (2) 1850-1956

19. Bridget Culhane (2) 1852-1917

20. Julia Culhane (2) 1856-1882

1856. Born May 10 1856 in Ellice Twp Perth Co ON.
1861. Census of Ellice Twp indicated Julia age 5 lived with her parents.
c1866. Julia age 10 was taken by her foster parents the Baileys, after her mother died.
1870. Census of Port Huron MI St Clair Co indicated Julia Culhane age 16, domestic, could not read or write.
1870. Nov 18th, letter left at Port Huron Post Office for Julia Culhane.
c1875. Mary Culhane age 12, who was daughter of her brother Mortimer Culhane, stayed with Julia in Port Huron and attended school.
1880. Jun 14th, Julia married Robert Abernathy in Wayne Co at the home of her foster parents the Bailey's, born London ON.
c1882. Julia was badly injured when their buggy hit a hole in the bridge over the Huron River in Belleville MI in Van Buren Twp Wayne Co. They sued the township but lost.
c1882. Julia died at age 26 of an overdose of morphine.

21. James Francis Culhane (2) 1859-1930
      22. Unknown Culhane (2) born c1866 at Logan Twp Perth Co ON. Apparently both mother and child died in childbirth