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This Culhane genealogy can be traced back to Thomas Culhane (1) (1801-1885) who was born in Glin, County Limerick, Ireland. It has not been possible to date to trace ancestry farther back because the Catholic Church records of the Glin Parish prior to 1851 have not survived. The time before Thomas is based on family stories.

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Information about and activities in Glin and surrounding areas, for the years of 1999/2000 (MS Word Document, 80KB)

Working index of Culhane References (MS Word Document, 971KB)

Culhane Birthdays (MS Word Document, 628KB)

Photo's from the family reunion held in August 2000 at Jerry & Carol Culhane's Christmas Tree Farm, in Holley NY. The reunion was located in and around the barn on the farm. The far end of the barn has Carol's Craft Shop, where the meals were served. There was also several tents and roofed areas for the group.

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