Robert Culhane

Robert Culhane (2) 1843-1924
Josephine Jeanette Cameron (2) 1850-1926

1843. Jul 5th, Robert Culhane was born near Toronto ON., parents page Baptized Jul 11 1843 at St Paul's Catholic Church in Toronto: Sponsors William Prendergast and Catherine McGuire. (TC p4.1).

c1848. Reportedly his family lived in Galt ON in Waterloo Co, however records have not been found to support this. (TC p0.2)

1850. Apr 7th, Josephine Jeannette Cameron was born at Cornwall in Stormont Co Eastern District Province of Upper Canada, by the mouth of the St Lawrence River (TCp4.1). Her father told her later, that he had caught a big salmon for breakfast from the St Lawrence River the day she was born. (HC p0.1; RC p4.1; LSL p2).

1851. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co ON indicated Robert age 7 lived at home (TC p0.3, 4.1).

1854. Josephine age 4 remembered crossing the St Lawrence River into NY State on a horse drawn boat. She dropped her pink umbrella in the water, and a boatman recovered it for her. (HC p0.1; TC p4.1; LSL p2).

1855. Josephine and family moved to Port Huron MI (TC p4.1).

1860. Census of Clyde Twp St Clair Co MI indicated Josephine Cameron age 10 lived with her parents, post office was Ruby MI (p184/d494/f475). (TC p4.1; HC p0.1).

1861. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co ON indicated Robert Culhane age 18 lived with his parents (TC p0.4, 4.1; LSL p1,6).

1862. Josephine attended Ruby Union School at Ruby MI (TC p4.1; LSL p2, 16). Public schools were inadequate, but people got together and hired teachers for their children, so she was well educated. Her schoolbook was marked Ruby MI. (LSL p2).

1864. Feb 28th, Robert Culhane and Catherine Kelly were sponsors for Ellen Culhane, daughter born Feb 17 1864 of his brother Morty Culhane and wife Margaret Dempsey, at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Stratford ON (TC p0.4, 4.1).

1864. Robert age 21, and his brother Mortimer Culhane age 27 and Mortimer's family, immigrated to Port Huron MI, both were coopers (TC p0.4, 4.1).

1864. St Stephens Catholic Church was started in Port Huron MI, completed in 1868, and torn down c1968 (TC p4.1).

1865. Josephine helped count shin plasters (5¢, 10¢ & 25¢ bills) in her father's store around the Civil War, the store was in Ruby MI (LSL p2).

1867. Nov 16th, Robert Culhane made the Declaration Of Intention to become a citizen of the US and renounce forever all allegiance to the Queen of Great Britain & Ireland, his signature is affixed. (The Circuit Court of St Clair Co MI; Michigan Historical Collection in Lansing; Copy in RC p10) Application for Citizenship not found in StClair or Livingston Counties.

1870. Census of Clyde Twp St Clair Co indicated Josephine Cameron age 20, could read and write, and lived with her parents (p115/d48/f51). (HC p0.2).

1870. Census of 1st Ward in the City of Port Huron in St Clair Co MI indicated Robert Culhane age 25, cooper, born in Canada & both parents foreign born, he could read & write, not a citizens (p324/d144/f155). He boarded in the Mansion House on the NW corner of Butler & Commercial Streets. His brother James Culhane lived in the same boarding house and his brother Mortimer Culhane and family lived else where in the city in a rented house. Both brothers were also coopers. (TC p4.1).

1870/71. Robert and his brother Mortimer were coopering for Brooks, Jocelyn & Co in Port Huron (RC p5,6). The company employed 40 men and made 100,000 fish kegs a year (TC p4.1).

1872. Josephine Cameron was sponsor for George Charles McItosh at St Stephens Catholic Church in Port Huron (TC p4.1).

1873. Robert Culhane a cooper boarded at the Exchange Hotel in Port Huron (DIR; TC p4.1).

1873. Jul 6th, Josephine Cameron age 23 was confirmed at St Stephens Catholic Church in Port Huron (TC): Her Scottish father was a Presbyterian and Scottish, mother a Catholic (TC p4.1).

1874. Feb 5th, Robert purchased lots 1 & 2 in Block 44 of the Ft Gratiot Block in Port Huron for $600.00 (TC p4.1).

1874. Oct 26th, Robert Culhane and Josephine Jeannette Cameron were married at St Stephens Catholic Church in Port Huron MI: Witnesses were Catherine Culhane and Edward W L………. (TC p4.1). They honeymooned at his uncle Thomas Prendergast's farm in Green Oak Twp Livingston Co MI. Josephine became a US citizen automatically upon marriage, as her husband Robert was a citizen. They lived at Lapeer & 11th Streets in Port Huron. Wedding photo (RC p3) and front page of Bible with family names and dates (RC p4). (OTC p31; LSL p4).

1875. Aug 26th, sold Lot 1 (see 1874 above) to the Port Huron Board of Education for $412.50: In 1987 this was part of the Jefferson School grounds (TC p4.1).

1877/78. Robert a cooper lived on the W side of 11th St between Lapeer and Howard Streets in Port Huron (DIR; TC p4.2).

1880. May 12th, Robert bought cemetery Lot #32 S ½ (graves #7-#12) Ward H in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron, and his son Albert who had died the previous day was buried there in Grave #12 (TC p4.2).

1880. Census of 4th Ward City of Port Huron St Clair Co MI indicated: Robert Culhane age 33, cooper, born in Canada and parents born in Ireland. Josephine Culhane age 30, keeping house, she and parents born in Canada; Flora Culhane age 4 [b1876], born in MI. Flora Cameron age 68 [b1812], married, born in Canada and parents in Scotland. Lived on Howard St (p384/d132/f138). (TC p4.2). It is not known why Flora, Josephine's mother, was living with them as her husband was still living.

1880+. Josephine had a reputation among family for curing ailments with her home remedies. Also, she had a natural immunity that allowed her to go into homes of friends and neighbors during epidemics, without getting sick. (LSL p13, 21; NSM p3)
She told her children the Michigan climate adversely effected her family's health when she was growing up. Every summer "ague" was prevalent: Fever with chills and shivering, you would feel good one day and bad the next for weeks at a time. Probably mosquito borne. Quinine was used for it. They had no screens then, and used smudge pots in the basement to keep the bugs away so they could sleep nights. Later they had, mosquito netting. (LSL p11). She was a small woman, and not out-going. All her children were tall, except Flora, so she figured looking up at them is what ailed her neck. (LSL p29)

1881. Robert a cooper lived SE corner of Howard & 11th Streets in Port Huron (DIR; TC p4.1).

1881. Robert Culhane and Louisa McIntosh were sponsors to George Leo Cameron (TC p4.1).

1883. Robert a cooper worked for Wm C Flanagan on the N side of Water Street between 3rd & 4th in Port Huron (DIR; TC p4.2). He was one of about 5 employees who worked 10 hour days (RC p5,6). Photo of Flanagan's Cooper Shop (RC p6).

1883. Robert Culhane and Louisa McIntosh were godparents to Flora Ann Cameron (TC p4.2).

1883. About 1883 Ben Walker, who painted Thomas Culhane's (1801-1885) portrait also painted one of Robert and Josephine Culhane, date unknown. Josephine near the end of her life burned the portrait while during Spring cleaning. (JMC).

1884. State Census of Port Huron MI in St Clair Co indicated. Robert Culhane was age 36, a cooper, born in Canada, lived 15 years in MI. Josie Culhane was age 34, born in Canada and lived 27 years in MI. Flora Culhane was age 8 and born in MI. George Culhane was age 4, born in MI; Robert Culhane age 3, born in MI. Both adults could read and write; lived near Superior & Suffern (TC p4.2).

1885. Robert a cooper lived on the W side of Stone 2 blocks N of Sedgwick in Port Huron (DIR; TC p4.2).

1885. About this date the family moved to the Village of Pinckney MI in Putman Twp Livingston Co MI, when Josephine was pregnant with Casper, which would be between Aug 1884 and May 1885 (RC). Robert opened a cooper shop in Pinckney. Lots of forest for cheap lumber for his coopering trade. The barrels he made were used for flour, apples etc.
Barrel making by hand is a 5,000 year old trade, which came to its end during Robert's lifetime. From 1844-1883 there were 400 barrel making inventions patented in the US, which brought down the cost of making a barrel to 32¢. Also galvanized iron came into use, which suddenly eliminated most of the demand for wooden barrels, tubs, pails etc, whether made by a hand or by machine.
Robert then became a carpenter and builder, and later a handy man around town. (Antique Tool Collector's Guide, by Ronald S Barlow, 1989; RC p7; TC p4.1; OTC p31; NSM p3).
Note. Robert was not the first Culhane to live in Pinckney MI. Robert's brother James Culhane was a cooper and lived in Pinckney c1883, his sister Bridget Culhane kept house for him, and their father Thomas Culhane lived with them. Sep 1883 James married and Thomas lived with them in Pinckney. In 1885 Bridget married and Thomas lived with them in Pinckney. Later in 1885 James moved to Wayne MI and Thomas lived with them in Wayne.

1885. Pinckney: Population of 600; graded school; Catholic, Methodist & Congregational Churches; bank; weekly newspaper; planning mill; flour mill; exported grain, potatoes, apples, butter & eggs; phone connection with Michigan Bell Co; daily mail (MI Gazetteer; TC p4.2).
xxxx. Robert Culhane made large wooden boxes, used to pack dressed turkeys in to be shipped to Detroit, just prior to the Holidays (Pinckney Pathways Vol 2, by Milton E Charboneau, undated, p67).

1887/1924. Robert a cooper lived in Pinckney (MI Gazetteer; TC p4.2).

1889. May 5th, Robert Culhane and Lottie Walker were sponsors for Lillian Culhane, daughter of James Culhane (TC p4.3). <find where at>.

1890. Census for MI destroyed by fire.

1894. State Census for Pinckney not available (TC p4.3).

1894. Robert Culhane, our cooper, is kept quite busy these days making barrels for beans, as the product is being shipped in great quantities. (Pinckney Dispatch, sometime in 1894; mc/mec).

1900. Census of Pinckney Village Putman Twp Livingston Co MI indicated: Robert Culhane age 52, born Jul 1847 in Canada, parents born in Ireland, day laborer, unemployed 3 months past year, immigrated US 1864, naturalized, married 26 years; Josephine Culhane age 50, born Apr 1850, her and parents born in Canada, immigrated US 1855, married 26 years, 8 children 5 alive; Casper Culhane age 15, born May 1885, at school; Lucy Culhane age 9, born Jan 1891, at school; Josephine R Culhane age 5, born May 1895 at school; Robert, Josephine & Casper could read, write & speak English; owned house on Howell St free of mortgage; name spelled "Cathane" (p187/d33/f34). (TC p4.3). The census of Pinckney included 142 families consisting of 500 people.

1901. May 22nd, Robert sold the cow: They had always kept a cow in a rented pasture, but they did not need the milk so much now the children were older (TC p4.3; LSL p18).

1903. Mar 18th, Uncle Tom Prendergast died on his farm in Sec 18 of Green Oak Twp Livingston Co MI, 3 miles S of Brighton MI, on old US-23 along the Huron River. Robert rented a horse and buggy and drove about 9 miles to pay his last respects (TC p4.4). The Culhanes did not have a horse and buggy, they always rented one when needed from the livery stable in town (RC p9; LSL p18).

1910. Census of Pinckney Village Putman Twp Livingston Co MI indicated: Robert Culhane age 68, a cooper, worked in a cooper shop on his own account, born in Canada, both parents born in Ireland; Josephine Culhane age 60, wife, she and both parents born in Canada of Irish ancestors; Lucy Culhane age 18, school teacher, single, born in MI; Josephine Culhane age 14, born in MI, at school; Robert & Josephine were married 35 years she had 8 children 5 alive; all could read, write & speak English; owned home free of mortgage; lived on Howell St (p320/d128/f133). (TC p4.4) The census of Pinckney included 137 families consisting of 474 people.

1916. Robert lived in Pinckney (sister Margaret's obituary).

1917. Robert lived in Pinckney (sister Bridget's obituary).

1920s. Robert was an out going gregarious man, 5 foot 11 inches tall. His wife said he wasn't much of a farmer because he would kill a pig with cleanliness and kindness. He always had a good garden, his "rows had to be straight". He did some home building and much repair work for people after he retired from coopering. (RC) We have a oak and walnut chest of drawers he made (Compiler). Robert thought a lot of his son-in-law Grant Sherman, built him a work cart. Grant and Lucy Sherman kept his tool box of cooper tools in the granary on the farm after he died, but they were stolen in June 1950. (RCp5/9; NSM).

1924. Feb 18th, Robert Culhane died suddenly at Pinckney MI at age 81. Robert had pronounced hardening of the arteries, and died of a stroke. Neighbor Ed Farnan took care all arrangements for the funeral and burial. Funeral at St Mary's Catholic Church in Pinckney MI. Burial Feb 22 1924 in Lot #32 S ½ Ward H, Grave #9 in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron. (TC p4.5; RC p8; NSM p3; mc/mec; mc/smc).

1924. Feb 20th, Obituary. Death has suddenly summoned from our midst a fellow man, one of whom we will miss grievously, a worthy husband, a kind father and a dependable citizen, discharging his everyday duties as an example for his fellow man. 1924 for Mr Culhane meant his 80th birthday in July and also his Golden wedding anniversary. Mr & Mrs Culhane have resided in this village for many years and to this union eight children were born, three of whom preceded him in early childhood and five survive. Mrs Frank Howell [Hewitt] of Ypsilanti, Mrs Grant Sherman of Fostoria, Josephine Culhane now teaching in Dowagiac, Robert Culhane Jr of Pittsburg Monongahela PA, and Casper Culhane of Palisades CO. The deceased passed away Monday. Funeral was from St Mary's Thursday (all the children at the funeral). (Pinckney Dispatch Feb 20 1924).

1924/26. Josephine kept her house in Pinckney as long as she lived, although she did stay with her children a lot of the time (Josephine M Culhane).

1926. Jun 14th, Josephine died of nephritis at Grant and Lucy Sherman's farm on Otter Lake Road which was in Deerfield Twp Lapeer Co MI: Post Office was Fostoria MI. Four of her children, Bob, Flora, Lucy and Josephine, were with her when she died. She looked up, past them, and said "Rob" in surprise, and then died. She had always called her husband "Rob" and son "Bob" (Josephine Margaret Culhane's recollection). Buried Jun 16 1926 in Lot# 32 S ½ Ward H, Grave #10, in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron MI. (TC p4.5; RC p14,15).

1926. Jun 23rd. Obituary. Mrs Josephine Culhane, mother of the County Normal principle [Josephine, in Lapeer MI], died at the home of her daughter Mrs Grant Sherman in Deerfield Twp Monday. She was born in Ontario Apr 7 1850. When a small child she came with her parents to Port Huron and was married there to Robert Culhane Oct 26 1864. They made their home in Port Huron for ten years and then moved to Pinckney where most of their married life was spent. They were the parents of eight children, five of whom are living. Mr Culhane died about two years ago and since that time she has resided with her children. Surviving are her sons and daughters, Mrs Frank Hewitt of Ypsilanti, Robert Culhane Jr of Pittsburgh PA, Casper W Culhane of Palisades CO, Mrs Grant Sherman of Deerfield Twp, and Josephine Culhane of Lapeer and five grand children. Funeral held at the Catholic Church in Port Huron, Wednesday. Internment in Mt Hope Cemetery Port Huron.

8 Children

1. Flora May Culhane (3) 1875-1960
      2. Albert Joseph Culhane (3) 1878-1880
1878. Mar 10th, born in Port Huron MI. Called "Allie". Baptized Mar 24 1878 at St Stephen's Catholic Church in Port Huron: Sponsors Margaret & Michael Manley. Photo (RC p18).
1880. May 11th, died in Port Huron of asphyxiation caused by membranous croup at age 2 years & 2 months. The 1880 Mortality Schedule of 4th Ward Port Huron indicated Albert Culhane age 2, born in MI, died in May, primary cause membranous croup and immediate cause asphyxoria, physician Dr H R Mills (Mortality Schedule, family #138). Buried in Lot #32 S ½ Ward H, Grave #12, in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron MI. (tombstone).
(Gen Refs: RC p4,18; TC p4.2; OTC p31; LSL p15,17b).
      3. George Francis Culhane (3) 1880-1889
1880. Jul 4th, born at Port Huron MI. Baptized Jul 18 1880 at St Stephens Catholic Church in Port Huron: Sponsors John Keyes & Theresa McIntosh. In 1884 George age 4 lived with his parents in Port Huron (Census). Photo (RC p19).
1888. May 8th, died in Pinckney MI at age of nearly 8, of pneumonia following measles. Funeral at residence of Margaret & Michael Manley at 1103 Howard St Port Huron MI. Buried May 9 1888 in Lot #32 S ½ Ward H, Grave #11, in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron MI. Obituary: Little Georgie, son of Mr & Mrs Robert Culhane of here, died at his home last Tuesday after an attack of Pneumonia and measles, at age 8. Remains taken to Port Huron where funeral services to be held and body buried. (Pinckney Dispatch May 10 1888)
(Gen Refs: RC p4,19; TC p4.2; OTC p31; LSL p17c; mc/mec).

4. Robert Cameron Culhane (3) 1882-1852

5. Casper William Culhane (3) 1885-1955
      6. Charles Manley Culhane (3) 1887-1888
1887. Jul 23rd, born at Pinckney MI, Baptized Jul 31 1877 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Pinckney MI: Sponsors G Farman & Rosella Dolan. May 18th 1888 he died at age 10 months from phenomena. Buried May 21st in Lot #32 S ½ Ward H, Grave #12 [same as brother Albert], in Mt Hope Catholic Cemetery in Port Huron MI. Obituary: Home of Robert Culhane made gloomy again, this time by death of their last born, a little girl [boy is correct] about a year old who died of inflammation of the lungs. Remains taken to Port Huron to be buried beside her [his is correct] little brother who died a few weeks ago. (Pinckney Dispatch May 24 1888). (Gen Refs: RC p4; TC p4.2,4.3; OTC p33; mc/mec)

7. Lucy Theresa Culhane (3) 1891-1968
1891. Jan 26th, born in Pinckney MI, Baptized Feb 1 1891 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Pinckney: Sponsors Jacob Lyman & Jane Farman.
1900. Census of Pinckney indicated Lucy age 9 lived at home.
1903. Nov 1st, Lucy received her first Holy Communion.
1908. Lucy was one of two who graduated from Pinckney High School. 1909/10. She taught in a one room county school in Pettysville MI in Hamburg Twp Livingston Co.
1910. Census of Pinckney indicated Lucy age 19 a teacher lived at home (p320/d128/f133).
1912. In the Fall Lucy left to teach at the Fostoria High School in Fostoria MI in Watertown Twp Tuscola Co MI.
1912/13. Lucy T Culhane listed as having a graded school Certificate (6th Annual Year Book of Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti MI).
1914. Jul 15th, Lucy married Grant David Sherman at St Mary's Catholic Church in Pinckney MI: Witnesses Robert [Bob] Culhane and Josephine Culhane. Reception at Flora Culhane's in Ann Arbor MI.

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Grant David Sherman

8. Josephine Margaret Culhane (3) 1895-1993