James Francis Culhane

James Francis Culhane (2) 1859-1930
Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" McEntee (2) 1867-1958

1859. James Francis Culhane born Nov 3 in Ellice Twp Perth Co ON., parents page.

1861. Census of Ellice Twp indicated James age 3 lived with his parents.

1867. June, Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" McEntee born in MI, parents born in Ireland. Her family is described in reference OTC p247/88.

c1876. James age 17 ran away from home in ON and went to live with his uncle Thomas Prendergast in Green Oak Twp Livingston Co MI, and attended school there.

1881. Immigrated (1910 Census). Inconsistent with above entry.

c1882. James worked as a lumberman with Con Culhane in the Thumb area of MI.

c1883. James was a cooper in Pinckney, he had learned the cooper trade in Canada from his father. His father Thomas Culhane lived with him, and his sister Bridget Culhane kept house for them.

c1883. James Culhane's cooper business was in the old foundry building of W S Mann, which was located on lot seven of the schoolhouse block, when the little Red School stood on the opposite corner. The land sold in 1887 as part of the land for the new brick Union school (that is all gone now, but a village elementary is there now). (mc/mec).

1883. Sep 18th, James married to Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" McEntee in Chelsea MI, she was from Pinckney MI: They were first married by a minister and then in the Church.

1884. State Census not available for Livingston & Wayne Co.

1885. James and Jennie Culhane lived in an apartment in the City of Wayne, Wayne Co MI: His Father Thomas live with them.

1886. James, cooper for Detroit Barrel Co, lived at Davis Place near Theodore in Detroit MI (DIR).

1887. James a cooper lived at 124 Leland in Detroit (DIR).

1888. James a cooper lived at 257 Scott in Detroit (DIR).

1889. James a cooper lived at 1077 St Aubin in Detroit (DIR).

1890. James a basket maker lived at 270 Harrison in Detroit (DIR).

1893/98. James lived in Milan MI: The N side is in York Twp Washtenaw Co and the S side is in Milan Twp Monroe Co.

1894. State Census for Washtenaw Co not available.

1900. Census of Northfield Twp Washtenaw Co MI indicated James F Culhane age 40, day laborer, born Nov 1859 in MI & parents in Ireland, married 16 years; Jane Culhane age 32, born Jun 1868 in MI & parents in Ireland, 7 children 7 alive; Mamie Culhane age 13; Lillian Culhane age 11 born Apr 1889; Bessie Culhane age 9 born Aug 1890; Margueretta Culhane age 6 born Sep 1893; Benjamin Culhane age 4 born Jan 1896; Agness Culhane age 2 born Apr 1898.

1902/05. Family moved to a farm near Pinckney MI in Putman Twp Livingston Co.

c1906. Family moved to farm owned by George Stillwagon in White Oak Twp Ingham Co MI. The children walked two miles to the store and three miles to school.
Each Sunday the family drove 18 miles to attend the Catholic Church in Bunker Hill MI. Each Spring when a child was old enough they spent 6 weeks with a family in Bunker Hill and attended school and received religious instructions.This was followed by their first communion. Neither James Culhane or George Stillwagon were mentioned in the Ingham county histories of 1824, 1880, 1895, 1905 & 1923 and county atlases of 1874 & 1895.

1909. Jennie's sister Kate McMahon from Onaway MI who was sick with TB came to live with them, she lived only two months and died Apr 10 1911 (OTC p287). During this time Jennie was pregnant with their 11th child and her right arm was paralyzed from neuritis and she was bed ridden.

1910. Census of White Oak Twp Ingham Co MI indicated: James Culhane age 50, general farmer, owns farm free of debt, works on own account, immigrated 1881 or 1887 [unclear], naturalized, born in Canada & parents in Ireland, married 26 years; Jane L Culhane age 47, born in MI & parents in Ireland, married 26 years, 10 children 9 alive; Bennie Culhane age 14, born in MI, attended school; James Culhane age 8, born in MI, attended school; Jeral Culhane age 2, born in MI; James, Jane & Bennie could read, write & speak English; farm schedule #149 (p258/d140/f142).

1912. Family moved to a small rented place in Bunker Hill MI.

1916. Oct 4th, James lived in Pinckney MI (obituary of his sister Margaret).

1917. Jul 5th, James lived in Jackson MI (obituary of his sister Bridget).

1918. James and family moved to Jackson MI (TC p12.2).

1922. James suffered a stroke (OTC p27).

1930. Aug 18th, James age 70 died at his home in Jackson MI, after being fatally injured in an auto accident. Funeral at St John's Catholic Church in Jackson. Buried in cemetery in Bunker Hill MI: Marker reads James Culhane born Nov 3 1859 & died Aug 18 1930 (mc/ssccc). James was the last surviving child of the 22 children of his father Thomas Culhane.

1930. Aug 19th, Obituary. James F Culhanna (sic) died at the home 710 N Park Ave, Monday at 8pm, aged 71 years. There survive the wife and nine children: Raymond of Chelsea; Mrs Fred Leinhart of Bunker Hill; Mrs Edward Duffy of Sacramento CA; Mrs J Frank Duffy; Mrs Gus Meart; and Leo B Culhane, Mrs Agnes Bell, James and Gerald all of Jackson. Funeral services at St John's Church Thursday at 9am. Burial at Bunker Hill. (Jackson Patriot).

1930. Aug 20th, Obituary. James Culhane, age 74 years, died at a Kalamazoo hospital Monday. He was a former resident of Pinckney and a brother of the late Robert Culhane. Of late years he has lived in Jackson. Surviving are his widow, who was formerly Jennie McEntee and nine children. The funeral will be held from St Johns Church, Jackson Thursday and burial at Bunker Hill. (Pinckney Dispatch).

1958. Jul 21st, Jane age 91 died at her home in Jackson MI, where she lived with her daughter Mildred Agnes Bell. Funeral at St John's Catholic Church in Jackson. Buried in cemetery in Bunker Hill MI: Marker reads Elizabeth Culhane born Jun 1867 & died Jul 20 1958 (mc/ssccc).

1958. Jul 22nd, Obituary. Elizabeth (sic) Culhane passed away at her home 609 Burr early Sunday morning, age 91, survived by three sons Raymond of Chelsea, Leo of Fredericksburg MD, James of Jackson, and four daughters Mrs Lillian Leinhart, Mrs Margaret _______, Mrs Mildred Agnes Bell, all of Jackson, Mrs Elizabeth Caldwell of Detroit, 40 grandchildren, 102 great-grandchildren, 18 great-great-grandchildren, two sisters Mrs Mary Fitzsimmons and Mrs Neil Clark both of Pinckney. Funeral services will be held at St John's Church Wednesday 9am. Internment in Bunkerhill. Mrs Culhane is at her home, services by Desnoyer Funeral Home. (Jackson Patriot).

11 Children

1. Raymond Alexander Culhane (3) 1885-1966

2. Mary Ellen Culhane (3) 1887-1964

3. Lillian Anne Culhane (3) 1889-1974

4. Elizabeth Frances Culhane (3)

1891. Born Aug 14 in Wayne Co MI, called "Bessie": Black hair dark complexion resembled Spanish ancestors.
1900. Census Northfield Twp Washtenaw Co MI indicated Bessie Culhane age 9, born Aug 1890, lived with her parents.
1918. Aug 7th, married to Joseph Gustave "Gus" Meert at St John's Catholic Church in Jackson MI, Gus born Apr 18 1882 in Danderhauten Belgium. Gus was co-owner of a machine shop in Jackson until he sold it and invested in real estate. Elizabeth lived in Jackson in 1930 (father's obituary).
1937. Gus died,. Elizabeth was a nurse before marriage and did practical nursing after Gus died.
1958. Elizabeth lived in Detroit, and was referred to as Mrs Elizabeth Caldwell (mother's obituary). c1978 she lived in Jackson.

          1. Joseph John Meert (4) Married Gloria Theresa Nastally daughter of John & Mary Nastally.
              1. Suzanne Elizabeth Meert (5) Married John Dennis Betts
                  1. Anne Marie Betts (6)
              2. Joseph Gerald Meert (6)
              3. Maureen Terese Meert (6)
              4. Thomas John Meert (6)

5. Lelia Marguerite Culhane (3)

1893. Born Sep 29 in Milan MI, called "Peggy or Maggie".
1900. Census of Northfield Twp Washtenaw Co MI indicated Maruertetta Culhane age 6 living with her parents.
1912. Nov 19th, married to Edward "Eddie" Laurence Duffey at Saints Cornelius & Cyprian Catholic Church in Bunker Hill MI, born Feb 22 1890 in Stockbridge MI. Eddie was a builder and a cabinet maker.
1921. They moved to CA. He was a self made geology and astronomy expert. Peggy was a practical nurse and also cared for abused or neglected children for Sacramento Co.
1930. Peggy lived in Sacramento CA 1930 (father's obituary).
1856. Mar 3rd, Peggy died in Sacramento CA and buried in St Mary's Cemetery, after which Eddie returned to MI.
1965. Jul 18th, Edward died and buried in John's Catholic Cemetery in Jackson MI.

          1. Joan Dorothy Duffey (4) Married Alan William McFadyen
              1. Joan Margaret McFadyen (5)
              2. Alan William McFadyen Jr (5)
              3. Gregory Edward McFadyen (5)
              4. Jeffrey James McFadyen (5)
              5. Mark Robert McFadyen (5)
              6. Christopher John McFadyen (5)
              7. Michael Steven McFadyen (5)
              8. Nancy Jean McFadyen (5)

6. Leo Benjamin Culhane (3) 1896-1963

7. Mildred Agnes Culhane (3)

1898. Born Apr 12 1898 in Milan MI: N part is in Washtenaw Co and S part in Monroe Co. Called "Agnes".
1900. Census of Northfield Twp Washtenaw Co MI indicated Agnes Culhane age 2 lived with her parents. 1910 Census of Bunker Hill Twp Ingham Co MI indicated Agnes Culhane age 12 lived with the James Duffey family.
1917. Nov 18, married to Asa W Bell at St John's Catholic Church in Jackson MI, he was an Englishman.
1930. Agnes lived in Jackson in 1930 (father's obituary).
1935. Divorced, and lived with her mother in Jackson MI.
1958. Agnes lived in Jackson in 1958 (mother's obituary). She worked as an grocery clerk, practical nurse, caterer and a cook.
1878. She is the author of the book One Thomas Culhane, reference OTC.
1982. Jun 8th, she died. No children.

8. James Thomas Culhane (3) 1902-1961
      9. Genevieve Alice Culhane (3) born July 6 1905 in Pinckney MI. Red gold hair & blue eyes. The baby's teeth would not come through and she suffered terribly and finally developed cerebral meningitis and died Mar 29 1906 in Pinckney. (OTC p55,74; mc/mec) James Culhane owned Cemetery Lot #81 in St Mary's Church Cemetery in Pinckney. There are no records of burial (mc/mec) The Lot may have been bought for his daughter Genevieve. St Mary's Church records showed a funeral for an infant daughter of Jacob Culhane who died in 1906 [this could be James]; However they have no record of where she was buried. Their records also indicated that a Culhane owned Sec B Plot 81, but they do not know who is buried there.

10. Gerald Clare Culhane (3) 1908-xxxx
      11. Kenneth Edward Culhane (3) born Mar 28 1911 in White Oak Twp Ingham Co MI. Died Sep 21 1911 aged 6 months, buried in Bunker Hill Cemetery: No marker in 1989 (mc/ssccc). (OTC p55).