Mortimer Culhane

Mortimer Culhane (2) 1837-1900
Margaret Dempsey (2) 1840-1881
Bridget Grace (2) xxxx-1887

1837. Mortimer Culhane born May 20th in Glin Co Limerick Ireland, called "Mort Culhane" parents page.

1851. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co ON indicated Mortimer age 14 lived with his parents.

1861. Census of Ellice Twp Perth Co ON indicated Mortimer age 24 lived with his parents.

1861. Mortimer assessed 4 days labor as a pathmaster on Statue Labor Rolls.

1862. Mar 4th, Mortimer married Margaret Dempsey [b1840] in St Joseph Catholic Church in Stratford ON (TC) or St Patrick's Church in Kinkora ON, both in Perth Co: Witnesses James O'Connell of Ellice and Ellen Dowd of Ellice. Margaret was born 1840 in Ireland of Thomas Dempsey and Ellen Donovan. (1858-1868 Perth Co Marriages).

1862. Assessment Rolls for Ellice Twp Perth Co indicated Mortimer and Margaret lived in S ½ of Lot 35 Concession 7 & SW ¼ of Lot 43 Concession 7.

1863. Mortimer leased 75 acres in Ellice Twp Perth Co, S ½ of Lot 35 Concession 7 and SW ¼ of Lot 34 Concession 7, near his father's farm in adjacent Logan Twp.

1863. Mortimer lived in Lot 35 Ellice Twp Perth Co in Stratford (DIR)

1864. Mortimer, laborer, tenant, Shakespeare Ward, part of Lot 137, 1/16 acres E side of Erie St in Stratford (Assessment Record).

1864. Mortimer and family immigrated with his brother Robert Culhane to Port Huron MI.

1870. Census of Port Huron MI St Clair Co indicated: Mortimer age 32, cooper, born in Ireland; Margaret age 29, born in Ireland; Mary age 7, born in Canada; Ellen age 6 born in Canada; Thomas age 5, born in MI; Catherine age 3, born in MI; Mortimer US citizen, $500 real estate, could read & write; Margaret could not read & write.

1871. Mortimer was a cooper for Brooks Jocelyn & Co, lived W side Commercial St between Butler & Broad Sts, in Port Huron MI (DIR).

1872. Jan 1st, Mortimer bought 80 acres from Alfred Dwight for $320.00, located about 10 mile NNW of Port Huron MI in Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI (E ½ of SW ¼ of Sec 14). They still lived in Port Huron where he was a neighbor to his brother Robert Culhane. Owner shown as M Killwants (1876 Atlas).

1872. Jul 31st, Mortimer sold the above 80 acres for $1.00 to Margaret Culhane.

1873. Mortimer, cooper, lived NW corner Popular & Richardson Sts in Port Huron MI (DIR).

1874. Apr 1st, Margaret bought Lot 10 Block 44 Fort Gratiot Military Reservation in Port Huron MI from Anna Forbes for $600.00.

1877. Mortimer, cooper, lived NW corner Popular & Richardson Sts in Port Huron MI (DIR).

1877. Mortimer not listed in Port Huron (DIR).

1877. Oct 16th, Margaret sold to Beatrice Legan for $500.00 Lot 10 Block 44 Fort Gratiot Military Reservation. It is believed they then moved to the farm they had bought in 1872.

1880. <get census of Kenockee Twp>.

1881. May 12th, Margaret died of breast cancer. Funeral at Mt Carmel Church and buried in Kenockee Cemetery in Kenockee MI.

1881. Oct 2nd, Margaret's estate sold the 80 acres bought in 1872 to her sons Thomas Culhane (W ½) & Charles Culhane (E ½) for $1.00 each: Providing they each give their sisters Mary, Ellen & Catherine Culhane $50.00 on Jun 17 1893, which would be Charles John Culhane's 21st birthday.

1882. Nov 14th, Mortimer married 2nd to Bridget Grace, widow of Micheal Kennedy. They farmed her farm in Emmet Twp St Clair Co MI, about 6 miles W of the farm he had. According to the 1876 Atlas M Kennedy owned 40 acres without buildings (NE ¼ if NE ¼ Sec 22), the same land sold in 1887 below. There were a lot of Kennedys in this area.

1884. Census of Emmet Twp St Clair Co MI indicated: Mortimer age 27, farmer, 19 years in MI; Bridget Culhane age 40, 30 years in MI; John Culhane age 13, laborer, Charles Culhane age 11; Ellen Culhane age 11; Mary Culhane age 9.

1885. Mortimer, was a farmer in Emmet Twp St Clair Co (DIR).

1887. Mar 19th, Bridget sold 40 acres to son Thomas Kennedy for $845 (NE ¼ of NE ¼ Sec 22 Emmet Twp).

1887. Jun 7th, Bridget died of cancer and buried in Kenockee Cemetery.

1887/88. Mortimer & his son Thomas were farmers in Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI (DIR).

1894. Census Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI indicated: Mortimer Culhane age 60, farmer; Charlie Culhane age 22.

1900. Census of Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI indicated: Mortimer Culhane age 63, born May

1837, married 25 years & widow; immigrated 1964 & 36 years in MI; naturalized; owned farm without mortgage.

1900. Dec 13th, Mortimer Culhane died of injuries and buried Mt Carmel's Cemetery in Kenockee Twp. (MI Pioneer Collection).

6 Children
1. Mary Culhane (3) born about 1863 in Ellice Twp Perth Co ON.
c1865. Mary age 2 immigrated with her parents to MI.
1870. Census of Port Huron MI in St Clair Co indicated Mary age 7 and lived with her parents.
1870. John Grace age 22, born in Ireland, lived with his parents Peter & Mary Grace on a farm in Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI (p264/d204/f204).
1876. Mary was confirmed at St Stephen's Catholic Church in Port Huron MI.
1880. Census of Clyde Twp St Clair Co MI indicated: Mary Culhane age 20, hired girl, born in Canada, father born in Canada & mother in MI; living with a the George Morden family, who were farmers (p116/d55/f55). There was a 80 acre farm owned by G D Morden shown in the 1876 Atlas (E ½ if SW ¼ Sec 2 Clyde Twp).
1881. Feb 22nd, Mary married John Grace, farmer, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Kenockee Twp St Clair Co MI.
1884. Census of Brockway MI in Brockway Twp St Clair Co indicated: John Grace age 36, born in Ireland & 29 years in MI; Mary Grace age 21, born in Canada & 19 years in MI; William Grace Jr age 2. There was no Grace that owned land in Brockway Twp in the 1876 Atlas.
1887. March, Mary age 24 died and buried Mar 6 1887 in Mt Carmel Cemetery.
c1887. No further record on John Grace or child. 1 child: (Gen Ref: TC p1.4)
          1. William James Grace (4) born Mar 12 1882, Baptized at Mt Carmel Church.

2. Ellen Culhane (3) 1864-1898

3. Thomas Culhane (3) 1865-1897

4. Catherine Culhane (3)

1865. Born Jun 15 1865 in Port Huron MI.
1893. Sep 25th, Catherine of Avoca MI in Kenockee Twp married Edward G Eldridge of Chicago IL, at Mt Carmel Church.
1910. Census of Chicago, Greenwood indicated: Edward G Eldridge age 47, public school teacher, born in OH, married 16 years; Catherine age 40, born in MI, 4 children & 4 alive; A Leona Eldridge age 15 born in IL; Edward Eldridge age 13, born in IL, Alfred J Eldridge born in IL; Catherine E Eldridge age 6, born in IL.

          1. A Leona Eldridge (4) born c1895.
          2. Edward Eldridge (4) born c1897.
          3. Alfred J Eldridge (4) born c1898.
          4. Catherine E Eldridge (4) born c1904.
      5. William John Culhane (3) born Jun 17 1872 [a twin] in Port Huron MI. Died May 1880 of scarlet fever (Mortality Schedule) and buried May 21 1880 in Kenockee Cemetery. Shown as William James Culhane

6. Charles John Culhane (3) 1872-1940