Jabez Sherman
1700 - 1774

This fifteenth day of June Anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred and seventy four I Jabez Shearman of Dartmouth in the County of Bristol in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Shipright being at this time under bodily infirmety but of a sound desposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. And as to My Wordly Estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to Bless me in this life I give demise and despose of the same in the following manner and form.

Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my loving son Fortunatus Shearman and to his Heirs and Assigns forever my dwelling house and about Nine acres and a half of land about it bounded as followeth that is begining by the way where the fence now is nineteen rods, and three tenth parts of a rod Easterly from the Range of the East End of my sd [said] house measuring as the wall now stands and from thence to run as the fence and stone wall stands North thirteen dgs [degrees] and a half East thirty four rods to the end of another wall and from thence to run West Nine degrees North as that piece of wall stands about forty one rods and one fifth part of a rod to the West line of my land thence by my sd west line to the way thence by the way to where we first began all which I give him he paying to my son Jabez Sherman Twenty pounds lawful money.

Item: I give and bequeath to my son Henry Shearman and to his Heirs and Assigns forever about one acre and a half of land where his dwelling house is bounded as followeth beginning at the North East corner of his orchard wall thence West about six dgs Southerly as the orchard and meadow wall stands Nineteen rods and two fifth parts of a rod to the West End of the little meadow thence as the wall stands south two degrees East ten rods fourteen feet to the South wall of sd meadow thence as the south wall of sd meadow ranges Being East about two dgs north twenty one rods to another wall thence streight to the before said North East corner of the orchard wall also a peice eight feet wide the length of his house on the south side of it together with a prevelege of passing and repassing to and from sd land above given him to the way that goes by my house on all occations.

Item: I give to my son Benjamin Shearman three pounds lawful money.

Item: I give unto my son Jabez Sherman twenty pounds lawful money to be paid him by my son Fortunatus as above ordered.

Item: I give to my daughter Deborah Hathaway the bed whereon I now lie with the furniture thereto belonging.

Item: I give to my daughter Experience Tallman my case of draws one small table and two Pewter Platters that were her Mothers and my small desk.

Item: I give to my daughter Jedidah Hathaway six shillings lawful money.

Item: I give and bequeath all the the (sic) remainder of my Estate both real and personal to my four sons namely Prince Shearman Abishai Shearman Elihu Shearman and Isaac Shearman to be equally divided amongest them to them their heirs and assigns forever they paying all my just debts funeral charges and expenses of all sorts and it is my Will that if either or any of my four sd sons should Decas [decease] before division be made that such as legally Represents them shall have their share or shares.

Item: I likewise make and ordain my above sd son Fortunatas Shearman Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby making voide all other wills by me before this time made confirming this to be my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and seal.

Jabez Shearman (signed)

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Jabez Sherman as his last Will & Testament in presence of us sd subscribers. (signed) Jonathan Shearman, Darel Shearman, Barth Taber, Proved Aug 8, 1774. (Probate Court, Bristol County, Taunton, MA).


Note: Each line item is totaled like (14-3-6) which means (£14-3s-6d)

AN INVENTORY OF THE PERSONAL Estate of Jabez Sherman Late of Dartmouth decease Exhibit by us the subscribers whose names are hereafter written is as followeth.

Firstly his apparrell:

1. 4 pair stockigs @ 2s; cinimon col [colored] brodcloth coate 42s (2-10-0)

2. 1 best brodcloth coate 15s; 1 Devenshear kersey [woolen cloth] grate [great or large] coatt 33s (2-08-0)

3. 1 maple col homspun coat 10s; 1 pr fustin [fustian, a coarse cotten & linen fabric] briches 6s (0-16-0)

4. 1 pr lether briches 3s; 1 cotten & lining [linen] jacket 4s (0-7-0)

5. 2 old jackets 2s; 1 olde grat coate & 1 clasbodid [clasped] coat with one button 3s (0-5-0)

6. 1 stript flanel jackett with melle [metal] but [button]. 1s 6d; 2 stript lin shirts 6s (0-7-6)

7. 1 stript cott & linning shirt 7s; 2 stript flanniell shirts 10s 10d (0-17-10)

8. 1 old holl [?] shirt 4s; 2 pr trousers 3s 2d; 2 caps 1s 6d; black han [?] 4s (0-12-6)

9. 2 hatts 12s; 2 pair of old shews [shoes] & speticols [?] [eye glasses] 3s 9d (0-15-9)

All the apparel as yett come to hand £8-19s-7d


10. cash 4s 8d (0-4-8) to his name 1s 3d (0-1-3)

11. The princapal of land noates; Mary Sherman £8 2s 0d; Jont Hathaway £7 17s 8d (15-19-8)


12. Elemnell Williamses Note £20; Jont Delanows Note £3 11s 0d 23-11-0)

13. Wm Howlands 5s; Jont Smith Note £12 11s 7d (12-16-7)


14. 1 fether bed bolster & 2 pillows 73s;under bd 4s; bedstd & cord 3s 4d (4-0-4)

15. 1 bk & white new coverld [coverlid, coverlet] 33s; 1 yallo & white coverld 3s 6d (1-16-6)

16. 1 coverlet black & yallow 3s; 1 ragg coverld 4s; 1 coverld with some red 6s (0-13-0)

17. 1 coverld poor 1s; 2 kersey blankets 24s; 2 plain blankets whipt with blew 8s (1-13-0)

18. 2 pln blankets: the one small the other flanl sheet 8s (0-8-0)

19. 2 coten & lining shts 20s; 2 pillowcases 1s 6d; 2 pillowcases hom:sr [homespun ?] 1s (1-2-6)

20. 2 kersy tablecloths 5s; 3 kersy towels 3s; 2 kersy towels 7d (0-8-7)

21. 1 earthan milkpan 8d; 5 earthen plates 8d; 3 blew & white delf plates 1s (0-2-4)

22. tee cupes & sasors 6d; 1 white stone mugg 6d; buler pot 6d = 18d (0-1-6)

23. judge [a large maul] 2s; 1 case & 2 botles 3s; 1 junk case & botles 3d; lamp 6d (0-5-9)

24. 1 canteerreen 6d; funnil 1d; 3 candle sticks 6d; morter & pessell 1s = 1s 13d (0-2-1)

25. 1 pair bellowses 3s; skimminshell 3d; 1 Reall 2s 6d (0-5-9)

26. 3 braded bottom chares 2s; 2 old broaken chairs 1s; warming pan 2s (0-5-0)

27. 1 old lining wheal [flax spinning wheel] 2s; 1 old candle box 1s; 1 dy tub 1s (0-4-0)

28. 1 old large brase ketle wt 27lb 11s 6d; 1 small brass ketle 2s 5d (0-13-11)

29. 1 small chear 6d; 1 iron tee kitle 4s; 1 bakepan 3s (0-7-6)

30. 1 iron bason 1s 6d; 1 iron kitle 4s 6d; 1 pott & hook 2s (0-8-0)

31. 1 Runteet [runnet or rennet, used for curdling milk] 1s; 1 pair of bow handirons [andirons] wt 21# @ 4d pr (0-8-2)

32. 1 pair large old handirons 3s 4d; tongues & slise 4s (0-7-4)

33. Chasing [embossed ?] dish 1s; frypan & meet fork 8d; 1 old ax 2s; broad ax 7s (0-10-8)

34. 26lb of iron bar & other old iron 7s 10d; wooden funel 3d (0-8-1)

35. Stubsith & booshwhipper with sneed & nibs [?] 4s (0-4-0)

5th: Given to Experiance [Sherman] Within this compas

36. 2 plattors wt £6 6s 3d; 1 low case of draws 9s (0-15-3)

37. 1 round table 6s; 1 small desk 9s (0-15-0)

6th: Given to Deborah Hathaway Within this compas

38. 1 fether bed boalster & pillow @ 1s 4d pe [per] (3-13-0)

39. 1 flock bed or under bed 3s 4d; 1 coverlet 12s green & white (0-15-4)

40. 1 old stript black & yallow coverlet 5s; 2 good bed coverlet __________ with blew 11s (0-16-0)

41. 1 flaniel sheate 4s 6d; 1 old low linining sheet 2s 6d (0-7-0)

42. 4 pillowcases 3s 6d; bedstd & courds 7s (0-10-6)


43. 14lb ____?_____ @ 9d per each; ovell [oval] stool 6s 6d; ___ big round table 6s 6d (1-4-5)

44. 1 square table 1s; 1 large cloathes cheast 3s; 1 new cloths chest 5s (0-9-0)

45. 1 desk, finished all but trimming (2-5-0)

46. desk, partly finnished 20s; 1 crane £6 4s 4d = ?; 1 crane 38# @ 4d pe = 11s 4d (1-12-8)

47. 1 Trammel & 2 hookes wt 5 @ 4s pe 1s 9d (0-1-9)

48. old bedsted in bedroom chamber in Fortimyouse [probably son Fortunatus] 2s 6d (0-2-6)

49. couch bedsted & courde 2s; 1 sett of jointed table leggs 2s (0-4-0)

50. 2 forks and 1 rake 3s; sadle & bridle 12s; 2 old bibles 1s (0-16-0)

51. 1 old cubbard 3s; 1 large grindstone & frame 12s (0-15-0)

52. 1 small grindstone & frame 2s; 4 old sithi [scythes] 3s; £20 of pork 8s; 2 meat bb 2s 6d (0-15-6)

53. 1 gammond [smoked or cured ham] wt 11# 4s 7d; gaging rod 5s; pair stelliards [scales] 2s 4d (0-11-11)

8th: Joiner Tools

54. 2 jointers 6s; 1 jackplaine 1s 3d; 2 smoothing plaines 1s 6d (0-8-9)

55. 1 grove 4s; 2 panel plains 1s 1d; 6 beed plains 6s; 5 stock plains 6d (0-11-7)

56. 1 fine tooth saw 1s 6d; 5 mortising chisels 2s 6d; 4 gouges 1s 6d (0-5-6)

57. 3 chisels 6d; 2 gages 6d; gambtts 3d; 3 augors @ 1s 6d pe (0-2-9)

58. iron square & compases & bevl 3s 4d; 2 wooden squares & bevl 1s (0-4-4)

59. scraper & file 2d; 1 hammer 10d; 7 turned spools 3d (0-1-3)

60. 1 liftng haugh [hoist] 6d; a hand saw, mall & old adds [adz]8s (0-8-6)

61. whip saw 6s; a hammer and rule 2s (0-8-0)

9th: Stock

62. 1 horse #13 4s 0d; 1 farrow colt £4 4s 0d (17-8-0)

Total: £112-16s-1d

A true inventeary perfected By us the subscribers.
Signed: John Wady, Jonathan Sherman & John Wood, August 8, 1774.
(Probate Court, Bristol MA)

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