Jabez Sherman, Lieutenant

Jabez Sherman (10), 1700-1774
Jedidah Hawes (10), 1700-1764

1700. October 23rd, Jabez Sherman was born in Dartmouth MA in Bristol County. Conflicting data shows November 3, October 3, and June 1, 1699.

1709. July 30th, Jedidah Hawes was born in Edgartown MA which is on Martha's Vineyard in Dukes County. She is the Daughter of Benjamin Hawes and Dorcus Smith. Reportedly of "Mayflower" ancestry. The Mayflower connection is shown on this page.

1728. Jabez Sherman and Jedidah Hawes were married in Dartmouth MA.

1764. Jedidah Hawes (Sherman) died in S. Dartmouth MA on 22 December. She is buried in lot 6, grave 6 in Elm St Cemetery, S. Dartmouth MA area, in the village of Padauaran MA. The tombstone is barely readable "In Memory of Jedidah the wife of Jabez Sherman who died December the 22nd AD 1764 in the 56th year of here age." There is another tombstone a few feet from hers and next to her husbands, that reads "Jedidah Sherman, 1764" this tombstone is not recorded by the cemetery.

1774. June 15th Jabez Sherman prepared his will.

1774. Jabez Sherman died on 30 June, in Dartmouth MA and is buried next to his wife. Jabez's tombstone is about 32" tall and Jedidah's is about 24" tall, both are about 1 1/2" thick and made of what looks like black slate. With incised carvings, names, dates, and corner decorations. And have a rather distinguishing shape with incised roundels in both upper corners. There is also a smaller tombstone in grave 8 about 12" tall for "H S Sherman, a child who died in 1766", another stone a short distance away reads "In memory of Hannah daughter of Fortunatus and Sarah Sherman who died April the 8th 1777 aged 2 years and 9 months of her age.

1774. August 8th, Jabez Sherman's will proved, personal property was valued over 112 pounds sterling. Much of his personal property was joining tools, presumed to be used in his shipwright trade.

Eleven children of Jabez and Jedidah Sherman

1. Fortunatus Sherman (11), born 1728, died 1803.
2. Henry Sherman (11), born 28 September 170 in Dartmouth MA, married in Dartmouth on 17 September 1749 to Ruth Akin who was born 1731, she was a widow from Dartmouth. They both died in Cambridge NY, he on 22 January 1805, and she on 28 March 1805. They had 7 children. Possible Revolutionary War record.
3. Deborah Sherman (11) born 25 July 1732 in Dartmouth, married Jonathan N Hathaway II on 24 October 1754. She died 27 December 1808 in Portsmouth RI in Newport County.
4. Experience Sherman (11), born 2 July 1734 in Dartmouth, married Weston/Wesson Tallman 20 September 1760.
  5. Benjamin Sherman (11), born 3 February 1734/5 in Dartmouth, married 17 June 1758 to Deborah Delano, she was born 11 May 1739 in Dartmouth, her parents were Jethro and Elizabeth Pope. Benjamin and Deborah both died in 1805 in Pawling NY in Dutches County. Benjamin was a wheelwright at Pawling NY. Possible Revolutionary War record.
6. Prince Sherman (11), born 11 January 1737/8 in Dartmouth married to Sarah Sherman (11) (Lineage: Sarah (11), Jonathan (10), John (9), John (8), Philip (7)). Prince died 30 March 1818 and Sarah died 25 November 1826, both are buried in the Elm Street Cemetery near his parents graves in the Village of Padauaran MA. Six children.
7. Jabez Sherman (11), born 20 July 1740 in Dartmouth MA, married first Priscilla Delano 29 December 1765, married second to Mary Birdsall who was born 1 August 1745, married third 23 June 1776 to Thankful Winslow of Rochester MA who was born 4 May 1746. 5 children. He was a blacksmith at Pawling NY. Possible Revolutionary War record.
      8. Abisba Sherman (11), born 22 July 1742 in Dartmouth MA, married first 31 August 1769 to Aurelia/Amelia Bassett of Rochester MA who died in 1777, married second 27 March 1777 to Mercy/Mary Goodspeed in Rochester MA, who was born 1748 and died 16 September 1812 in New Bedford MA. Abisba died 15 October 1812 in Acushnet MA. Seven children. He was a soldier of the Revolution servings as a private with Capt Charles Church's Company 4th Reg. Plymouth County. Possible Revolutionary War record.

9. Elihu Sherman (11), born 1746, died 1766. (lineage)
      10. Isaac Sherman (11), born 19 October 1747 in Dartmouth MA , married 29 September 1774 to Rebecca Elizabeth Church of Dartmouth MA who was born 18 February 1756. Isaac died 1 August 1809 in New Bedford MA, Rebecca died 15 February 1836. 7 children. Possible Revolutionary War record.
      11. Jedidah Sherman, born 23 May 1750, married 18 November 1773 to Robert Hathaway.