Mary Ann Sherman
1808 - 1889

Know all men by those present that I Maryann Sherman of the Township of Watertown in the county of Tuscola and State of Michigan Housewife being in good Health and of Sound Mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testatement

First I hereby consititute and appoint William Wilsie and Henry Sprague Administrators of this my last will directing said administrators to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses and the legacies hereinafter given out of my estate.

Second after the payment of my said debts and funeral expenses I give to my daughter Sarah the sum of six hundred dollars the remainder of my estate and effects to be equally divided with the other five children named as follows: Charles, David, Nancy, Maryett & Catherine Sherman.

Third and for the payment of the legacies aforesaid I give and divise to my said executors all the personal estate owned by me at my decease except my household furniture and wearing appearl and so much of my real estate as when sold by leave of the Court of Probate will be sufficient in addition to the said personal estate herein given to pay the said legacies.

In testimoney hereof I hereinto set my hand and seal and publish and declare this to be my last will and testatement in the presence of the witnesses named below this twenty fourth day of May in the year of our lord, 1882.

Mary ann Sherman (signed)

The above instrument consisting of two sheets was now here subscribed by Maryann Sherman the testator in the presence of each of us and was at the same time declared by her to be her last will and testement and we at her request sign our names hereto as attesting witnesses.
Thos Duncan, residing at Watertown Tuscola Co.
Joseph C. Davison, residing at Watertown Tuscola Co.

(Probate Court, Tuscola County, Caro Michigan #2-1304).


     Farm Watertown Township


     167 bu oats


     2 1/3 bu clover seed


     2 tons hay




     2 tables


     8 chairs


     6 quilts


     25 yds carpet


     2 feather beds


     1 cupboard


     1 bedstead






Notes. A telegram was sent to a Dode Sherman in StJohns Michigan: This person is unknown unless it was his son David. Mary Ann was a resident in Watertown for 16 years

Heirs At Law (Oct 9 1889).
Charles Sherman, son, Oriel Ontario.
David Sherman, son, StJohns Michigan.
Nancy Wilsie, daughter, Mayville Michigan.
Catherine Cameron, daughter, Wells [Twp] Tuscola Co MI.
Maryette Sackrider, daughter, Wells [Twp] Tuscola Co MI.
Sarah Sherman, daughter, Watertown Michigan.

Farm 2,005.00
Personal 253.30
Total Assets $2,258.30

Final Account.
Sales Comission on real estate, to H. Sprague 80.00
Expenses of Executor, to H. Sprague 43.35
Paid debts 232.34
Sarah 600.00
Charles 270.00
David, Nancy, Mary Ette, Catherine $265 ea 1,060.00
Total Dispersments $2,285.69

(Probate Court, Tuscola County, Caro Michigan #2-1304).

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