Alden Sherman

Alden Sherman (13), 1802-1881
Mary Ann Barton
(13), 1808-1889

1802. Alden Sherman was born probably in Mattapoisette MA, Plymouth County or adjacent in Acushnet MA, Bristol County (one source says Rhode Island).

1808. Mary Ann Barton was born in Marlbough NY, Ulster County, or in Beeckman NY, Dutches County, her parents were David Barton born 1775 and Mary Mapes born 1786.

1810. Census of Dartmouth Town, Bristol County, MA indicated Alden lived with his parents.

1819. Mary Ann Barton, age 11 immigrated to Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario with her parents.

    NOTE: The Quaker migration to Canada was in Canada was in 1790-1820: By 1840 the primitive hardships were behind them. The most populous settlement of Quakers in Upper Canada (now Ontario) was at Norwich. The first pioneers arrived at Norwich in 1808, mostly from Dutches County New York. They were an industrious, sober, people, familiar with hardships of pioneer life. Norwich was one of the most prosperous communities in West Canada.

1820. Census of Scipio Town, Cayuga County, NY indicated Alden lived with his parents.

1823/4. Alden Sherman and his brother David Sherman, left their parent's home in Moonshine, NY, in Ledyard Town Cayuga County NY, and settled among the Society of Friends (Quakers) at Norwich Twp,, Oxford County, Ontario

1826. Alden Sherman and Mary Ann Barton were married on the 4th of July in the Friends Meeting at Norwich Ontario.

1828. Mary Ann Barton (Sherman) and Sarah Barton (Sherman) were on the only Sherman's on the Norwich Quaker membership list.

1828/9. Alden Sherman was in Capt Throckmorton's Company of the 1st Regiment Oxford Malitia.

1831. Alden was a grantee of land, Memorial Number 1718.

1831. On the 4th of February, Alden bought 100 acres in North Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario, located about 2 miles North and 1 3/4 miles East of Norwich. Mary Ann Barton's parents lived adjacent to the SW corner of Alden's property. Barton's place, 50 acres, is about 1 mile North and 1 ½ miles East of Norwich. It is customary not to prepare an indenture until the mortgage is paid, so Alden may have lived here for several years before this date.

Text of the Indenture

1838. Alden Sherman was on a list for statue Labour to assist in road building.

1841. Alden was naturalized.

1843. Shown as: Pathmasters who have made their returns agreeable to the order of the council in default - Alden Sherman 4 days.

1846. Norwich Twp is in the Brock District of the Upper Province or Canada West. It had 4 grist mills, 7 saw mills and a population of 2,724 inhabitants were principally of American decent with a few Irish and English. The northern portion has excellent land and hard wood trees, whereas the southern part has light soil and pine trees. The town of Norwichville, in the NE corner of the township, had a population of 180 people and got mail 3 times a week, and had 1 physician and surgeon, 1 grist mill, 1 carding machine and fulling mill, 1 distillery, 1 tannery, 4 stores, 2 taverns, 1 chair maker, 1 wagon maker, 1 blacksmith, 1 tailor, and 1 shoe maker.

1849. Alden appointed overseer of highways.

1851. Census of Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario indicated: Alden Sherman age 54, farmer, Mary Ann Sherman age 44, Charles Sherman age 25, carpenter, David Sherman age 24, laborer, Nancy Sherman age 22, noted as being out of the area, her area being Burford in Brant County, Jesse Sherman age 20, laborer, William Sherman age 17, laborer, Alfred Sherman age 12, Mariett Sherman age 7, Catherine A Sherman age 2, they lived in a 1 ½ story frame house, on the census sheets there were 6 log and only 2 frame houses, they were Quakers, all children born in Canada.

1857. Map of North Norwich showed Alden Sherman owned 100 acres, the North half of Lot 2, and William Barton (Mary Ann's brother) owned 100 acres being the adjacent South half of Lot 3. This is mostly like their parents farm. The father was deceased at this time and the mother was living on the farm with William.

1863. Alden Sherman was granted 50 acres in the SE 1/4 of lot 19 concession II of Norwich Twp on 7 July.

1869. On 30 March Alden and Mary Ann Sherman sold the 100 acres they bought in 1831 in N Norwich Twp, Oxford County to Caleb Tompkins of N Norwich Twp, for the sum of $4,000. Alden signed his "X" and Mary Ann singed her name.

1869. On the 2 October Alden Sherman of the Dominion of Canada bought a 82 acre farm near Mayville Michigan, Watertown Twp, Tuscola County from Charles Dickerson and Cordelia Dickerson for $3,000. This property is on the East side of Fostoria Road, running from 1/4 mile South of Brown Road to Ter Road, and ½ mile East. This is the property that Alden willed to his wife Mary Ann at his death.

1870. Census of Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan indicated: Alden Sherman age 68, farmer, born in Rhode Island, $2,800 real and $400 personal property: Mary Ann Sherman, keeping house, born in New York, Jesse Sherman age 35, born in Canada, Sarah J Sherman age 15, at home born in Canada, neither Alden or Jesse could read or write, Alden shown as a citizen, but Jesse was not.

1878. Alden Sherman prepared his will on 15 April.

1870. Census of Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan indicated: Alden Sherman age 78, farmer, Mary Ann Sherman age 72, Sarah J Sherman age 25, single lived at home she had lung trouble.

188x. Mary Ann's pickle dish still survives in the possession of Harris family, descendants of her daughter Mariat Ella Sherman (Sackridger). Trade mark indicates "Etruscan Majolica," this mark identifies it as made by Griffen. Smith & Hill of Pheonixville PA, a Majolica, earthenware impressed 1878-1889.

1881. Alden Sherman died on 7 May at his home. He is buried in grave 4 lot 450 old Watertown Cemetery (tombstone, base only). Alden's headstone has been missing since the 1960s, Alonzo J Sherman (17) had a new headstone with both Mary Ann and Alden's names on it installed in 1993. Mary Ann's old tombstone still remains.

1881. Alden Sherman's estate, administered by his wife Mary Ann Sherman and his son-in-law William Wilse, the estate was valued at $2,902.

1881. The great fire of 1881 was the event that closed the chapter on logging in Michigan's Thumb Region.

1882. Mary Ann Sherman prepared her will on 24 May.

1889. Mary Ann Sherman died at Watertown Twp, she is buried in grave 3 lot 450 old Watertown Cemetery.

1889. Mary Ann's estate totaled $2,258, the executor was Henry Sprague, a neighbor and farmer. The farm sold for $2,005, plus some other assets.

 Twelve children of Alden and Mary Ann Sherman
  1. Martha Sherman (14), conflicting data shows born in 1821 or 1824 probably in Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario. Robert Eshelby and Efphy/Ephy Sherman, were married on 19 September 1844 this is believed to be Martha. 1862/8 Robert Eshelby, carpenter is shown in Lot 3, concession III of Oxford Twp. She was willed $150 by here fathers will in 1878, and was referred to as "my oldest daughter Martha (unclear)." Her fathers estate records referred to her as former daughter prior this marriage. No record that she was contacted or received the inheritance.

2. Charles E Sherman (14), 1826-1912

3. David B Sherman (14), 1827-1908
      4. Darell D Sherman (14), born 1828, lived in Norwich Ontario Canada in 1878, only one record for Darell. Could be in error included for future reference.

5. Nancy A Sherman (14), 1839-1911
      6. Jesse Sherman (14), born about 1831, at age 20 he was a laborer and lived with his parents. At age 30 he was designated on the census as an "idiotic" and lived with his parents. 1870 census showed him living with his parents.

7. William R Sherman (14), 1834-1915 (lineage)

8. Elihu G Sherman (14), 1837-1865

9. Alfred Sherman (14), 1839-1868/81

10. Mariat Ella Sherman (14), 1844-1923

11. Catherine Ann Sherman (14), 1851-1913

12. Sarah J Sherman (14), 1854-1933