William R Sherman

William R Sherman (14), 1834-1915
Emeline Cole (14), 1834-1901


1834. William was born on 4 June in Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario Canada.

1834. Emeline was born on 12 October in New York or in Canada, Cole family information in MS Word format,128KB).

1851. Census of North Norwich Twp, Oxford County indicated: William age 17, laborer, living at home.

1851. Census of East Oxford indicated: Hiram Sprague age 55, farmer, Mary Sprague age 46, Sarah Sprague age 76, Henry Sprague age 24, Angeline Sprague age 22, Mary A Sprague age 19 (she will be Williams second wife), Hiram Sprague age 17, Eliza Sprague age 15, Clark Sprague age 13, Isaac Sprague age 9, William Sprague age 7, Sarah Sprague age 2, all Baptist. See notes below.

  Note (1) In 1853 it is believed that Angeline Sprague married Charles E Sherman, Williams brother.
Note (2) It is believed that by 1880 Henry Sprague was farming in Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan, and was a neighbor of Alden & Mary Sherman and William R & Emeline Sherman
Note (3) In 1889 Henry Sprague was executer of Mary Ann Sherman's estate.
Note (4) Mary Ann Sprague in 1904 became William R Sherman's second wife, second marriage for both.
1854. On 21 March William R Sherman and Emeline Cole were married in Ontario, by Minister Matthew of the Methodist Church, witnesses were Daniel Baston and Lucy Cole (Emeline's mother).
  Note: Emeline Cole's parents were Silas Cole born about 1814 and Lucy Steele born about 1813, both from near Watertown New York, Jefferson County, who later lived in Michigan and then Ontario. Silas Cole probably died about 1855/60 in Ontario, but no records have been found. Lucy married second to Edward Woodrow who was born 1790, and in 1860 they lived in Attica Twp, Lapeer County MI. In 1870 Lucy lived with William and Emeline. She died in 1875 and is buried in Watertown Cemetery.  

1857. William may have lived in Blanford Twp, Oxford County, Ontario, as their son Alonzo was born there.

1860. Immigrated to Michigan, but not shown on that years census.

1861. Census of North Norwich Twp, Oxford County indicated: William and Emeline were not there, but there son Alonzo age 6, lived with Williams parents.

1861. Census of East Oxford indicated: Hiram Sprague age 64, farmer, Mary Sprague age 55, Mary A Sprague age 28 single, Eliza Sprague age 24, Clark Sprague age 22, Isaac Sprague age 19, William Sprague age 16, Sarah Sprague age 12.Henry Sprague age 33, Alice Sprague age 19. Hiram's family lived in a 1 story frame house and Henry's lived in another 1 story frame house. Sarah Sprague age 82, died in 1860 of Dropsy.

1862. On March 14 William Sherman of Watertown Twp, Tuscola Michigan, bought 60 acres, two tracts for $200, 40 acres and 20 acres from his brother Elihu and Bridget Sherman. This area is on a well drained plateau at about 900-950 feet above sea level.

186x. William's first house was a shack without a door, they used blankets for a door. And used corn husks and blankets for beds, the location of the house on the farm is unknown.
He would have to leave his wife alone two or three days at a time to hunt for meat, mostly deer.
Lapeer MI was the nearest town, about 20 miles South, and when they went there his wife and children would sit in the wagon and William would walk and drive the oxen. They would buy cloths, shoes, coffee, teat, sugar, etc. One day on their way home they were held up.
Later the town of Mayville was established, and was only about 3 ½ miles to the North.
There second house a wood frame, is still on the farm and is located at 7570 Fostoria Road, Mayville Michigan.

1862/6. The Internal Revenue Assessment List for Tuscola County, used to collect taxes for the Civil War, indicated no Sherman family members were listed. Of interest is the fact income over $600 was taxed. Also, gold watches were taxed $1 and medallions $2.

1870. Census of Watertown Twp indicated William Sherman age 36, farmer: Emeline age 35 keeping house could read but not write. Melissa Sherman age 15, Alonzo Sherman age 13, Ella Sherman age 10, William Sherman age 7, Harvey Sherman age 5, David Sherman age 4, value of real estate $3,000 and personal property $400. Melissa and Ella were born in Canada, William H, Harvey & David were born in Michigan. Also Lucy Woodrow age 55, without occupation, born in NY, could not read or write.

1871. Census of East Oxford indicated: Hiram Sprague age 74, widow, farmer, Mary Ann Sprague age 38, Sarah Sprague age 21. Hiram's wife Mary was in the list of deaths within the last year, died of cancer in November 1870. Also listed were Hiram's sons William age 26, Isaac age 27, Clark age 31, widow, with Jane A died age 25 of consumption June 1871.

1875. William owned the same 60 acres bought in 1862. A notation on the map indicated William was a farmer raising grain, hay, fruit and stock.

1880. Census of Watertown Twp indicated William age 45, farmer: Emeline age 45 keeping house, William age 17, Harvey age 15, David B age 14, Emma age 4 daughter.

1882. The Port Huron and Northwestern narrow gauge railway between Saginaw and Port Huron, went through Mayville. Also called the "Huckleberry Railway."

1888. William owned the same 60 acres bought in 1862.

189x. Ada Brown, Emeline Sherman's granddaughter remembers sitting on her knee and listing to her tell of the early times when the county was full of wolves and deer.

1880. Census of Watertown Twp indicated two families in Williams house.
(1) William age 65, Emeline age 65, married 49 years, she had 10 children, 8 alive. William is an alien, he owned his farm free of debt , both could read, write and speak English.
(2) Nelson Perry age 28, born Aug 1871 in MI, father born PA and mother in Canada, farm laborer, Marty Perry wife age 24, born Aug 1875 in MI, father born in Canada and mother in NY, children Jay age 4, Hazel M age 3, Morris R age 1, all born in MI, living in a rented house. Mart Sherman is the daughter of William R Sherman.

190x. According to verbal history, Emeline always had fresh cookies and cold milk ready for her grandson Grant Sherman, any time he stopped in, including the day she died of an heart attack (death record indicated diabetes). Each morning Grant would take the milk from his and William's farm to the creamery in Mayville, and do the necessary shopping for both farms and households.

1901. Emeline died on 11 July at the age of 67 years 8 months in her home in Watertown Twp of diabetes, her parents were Silas Cole and Lucy Steel. She is buried in grave 3 lot 424 Old Watertown Cemetery Fostoria MI.

1902. William owned 70 acres, sold 20 acres in Sec 1, bought 40 acres across the road, sold 10 acres of his original 40 acre parcel, and then later bought it back.

1904. William Sherman married 2nd Mary Ann Sprague (McDowell) . Their families were neighbors in Canada, and her brother was a neighbor in Watertown Twp. He went to Canada and married her.

1906. Mrs H Sprague and Mrs W Sherman were called to Canada Monday by the serious illness of Mrs Sprague's sister-in-law Mrs John Hammer.

1907. Mrs W R Sherman is at Bay City this week for treatment by Dr Stone.

1908. George McDowell is here from the Canadian NW, visiting his mother Mrs W R Sherman.

1910. Census of Watertown Twp indicated William age 76, farmer, immigrated and naturalized (no record in Tuscola County that any Sherman applied for or was granted citizenship). Mary Sherman age 64, born in Canada, father born in NY mother in Canada. Second marriage for both, married 6 years, Mary Ann had 2 children, 1 alive.

1912. W R Sherman of Watertown celebrated his 78th birthday last week and his children and other relatives spent the day with him. Ice cream and other refreshments were served and the occasion was a most enjoyable one.

1913. William prepared his will on 17 December.

1913. Mrs W R Sherman has been entertaining her sister Mrs Elsie Sprague for several days.

1915. On 21 September William R Sherman died at his home in Watertown Twp. Of chronic nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys). He is buried in grave 4 lot 424 Old Watertown Cemetery.

1916/7. William's estate was administered by his son Alonzo J Sherman, and was valued at $7,288. The real estate and personal property were sold.
(1) Oct 1916 Mahlon D Butler, who was married to Alonzo's daughter bought 40 acres for $3,250.
(2) Aug 22, 1917 Rodney J D Brown, who was married to William's daughter Melissa, bought the 40 acres including the house for $3,250.
(3) William's second wife Mary Ann got $10 a week allowance during the pendency of the estate.
(4) Final accounting of his estate, Mary Ann Sherman got $2,745.66, his deceased daughter Martha Sherman (Perry') three children (Hazel Perry, Jay Perry and Morris Perry) each received $50. His son Harvey got a specified amount of $200, the remainder was equally divided between his seven living children who each got $488.03.

  Note: William R Sherman's 40 acres with the house has been mostly owned by people that were related to him since his death.
(1) Aug 22, 1917 Rodney J D Brown who was married to William's daughter Melissa.
(2) Sep 9, 1943 William R Sherman's daughter Emeline (William) (Peterson) (Corwin) and her husband Thomas J Corwin.
(3) Oct 26, 1953 to Thomas Corwin's son Earl T Corwin by inheritance.
(4) Mar 13, 1965 William L & Betty Bacchus.
(5) Jun 5. 1968 to Armand Milner, William R Sherman's great-great-grandson, who still owned the property when last checked in 1999.

Ten children of William and Emeline Sherman

1. Melissa M Sherman (15) 1854-1932

2. Alonzo J Sherman (15) 1857-1921 (lineage)
      3. Elmira Sherman (15) born 6 July 1858 in Canada, lived 6 months died 3 Jan 1859 burial location unknown.

4. Ellen Sherman (15) 1860/1-1939

5. William Henry Sherman (15) 1863-1940

6. Harvey A Sherman Sr (15) 1864-1938

7. David Barton Sherman (15) 1866-1949
      8. Robert Sherman (15) born 16 Nov 1869 in Watertown Twp, lived 2 months died 13 Jan 1870 of inflammation of the lungs, unknown burial location

9. Emeline Jane Sherman (15) 1871-1945

10. Martha Sherman (15) 1871-1907/10