Alonzo J Sherman


Alonzo J Sherman (15) 1857-1921
Hannah L Summers (15) 1863-1936


1857. On 8 May Alonzo Sherman was born at Blanford Twp, Oxford County, Ontario. It is believed that his middle name is James, but this has not been confirmed, in later years. His name is recorded in the family bible as "Lonzo." In later years he was called "A J" or "Lon."

1859. Alonzo arrived in Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan from Ontario with his parents.

1861. Census of Norwich Twp, Oxford County, Ontario indicated Alonzo Sherman age 6 lived with his grandparents Alden & Mary Ann Sherman.

1863. On 18 Nov Hannah L Summers was born in Hornell, Steuben County, NY. She was the daughter of David Summers born in England and Hannah Colby born in NY.

1865. Hannah arrived in Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan with her parents, they were Baptist..

1870. Census of Watertown Twp, Tuscola County, Michigan indicated: Alonzo Sherman age 13 lived at home, Hannah Summers age 6 lived at home.

1880. On Dec 18 Alonzo J Sherman age 23 farmer, married at Lapeer MI, to Hannah L Summers age 21, both from Watertown Twp. Service performed by F G Potter, Pastor, witnesses were MR & Mrs Charles Summers (one source says marriage was at Mayville, MI).

1880. Alonzo bought a 60 acre farm in Watertown Twp in his name, located between "Grandpa Sherman" and "Grandpa Summers" were he raised his children between two sets of loving grandparents. The house was located at 7696 Fostoria Road Mayville.

1884. Alonzo was one of the twelve school inspectors for the town of Hadley, MI in Lapeer County.

1885. He bought an additional 50 acres across the road from George Summers.

1888. Lon Sherman is getting ready to build a new barn this spring.

1895-1920. Alonzo was an insurance agent for 25 years, and director for 16 years, with the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company in Caro MI. When making trips around the county on insurance, political, or other business in his buggy he took several coach-dogs with him. He also carried a cash box under the buggy seat, when the cash box was there the dogs would not let anyone into the buggy, not even his immediate family. He often left the buggy and box unattended except for the dogs.

1897. Alonzo was moderator for the Tubbs School, Watertown Twp.

1898. On 6 Aug Alonzo was baptized, and on 14 Aug Alonzo and Hannah joined the Baptist Church.

190x. Alonzo served on the local school board for many years.

190x. Alonzo and Aunt Sarah Sherman (8) used to fiddle for dances.

1900. Alonzo was the census enumerator for Watertown Twp.

1900. Census of Watertown Twp indicated: Alonzo J Sherman age 49, farmer, Hannah L Sherman age 36, son Grant D Sherman age 13, daughter Maude H Sherman age 12, daughter Millie E Sherman age 8, Earl W Sherman age 4, all over 10 can read, write and speak English, owns farm with mortgage, they have married for 20 years with 4 children.

1901. On 6 Aug Alonzo was elected Watertown Twp Supervisor and served 12 successive years.

1902. Alonzo bought 40 acres from R J D Brown, making 50 acres he owned.

1904. A J Sherman was re-elected treasurer at the school meeting Monday evening. And it was voted to build a wood house, which will be a much needed improvement.

1905. The Tuscola County Mutual is to levy an assessment of 25 cents on each $100 insured soon. The fire losses the past year were the heaviest in the history of the company.

1905. To the members of Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. I will be at E E Gale's harness shop every Thursday and at Fred Dearlove's drugstore every Saturday in December to collect your assessment. Don't forget your notice A J Sherman.

1906. Lon Sherman received word Monday that his sister Mrs Perry, was very ill at Pontiac MI.

1906. Watertown Twp, choices for supervisor is A J Sherman a Republican or Walter Seavy a Prohibitionist.

1906. A J Sherman supervisor of Watertown Twp.

1906. A Sherman of Watertown, who knew the Clarion editor 25 years ago when he was stubbing his toes on Hadley farm, was a pleasant caller at his office Monday. Lon was one of our young boyhood friends and we are glad to know he has been accumulating nice competence in the other country, and is one of the substantial men of his town.

1906. A J Sherman attended the Republican State Convention at Detroit this week, as a delegate from this county.

1906. Tuscola County Mutual wrote 271 new polices the past year and paid $12,000 in loses.

1906. To the members of Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. I am sorry we had to call another assessment this year of 25 cents on each $100 insured, but we have had losses to the amount of $13,000 this year, and if we have fires we must expect to pay. I would rather pay than have a fire. All mutual companies are high this year Lapeer County $3.00, Genesse County $3.50, the Grange $4.00 on the $1,000. I will be at C E Gale's Fostoria every Thursday and at Fred Dearlove's in Mayville every Saturday to collect assessment. Thank you for past favors, I remain yours truly, A J Sherman

1906/7. Alonzo was listed as member of the school board of the Tubbs Public School, District No 1.

1906. Alonzo's personal journal account for Twp Supervisors indicated the following duties: serving on board of review, taking assessments, spreading tax roll, registration, election papers, surveying road, putting up and taking down voting booths. Also coordinated with the drain commissioner, the road commissioner, the board of health, the town board, the election board, the town treasurer, and the school districts. His pay was about $150 - $200 a year and mileage at 12 cents per mile. He spent a lot of time in the county seat at Caro MI.

1907. At the meeting of the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, held at Caro last week, its old officers were all reelected, and the secretary's salary was fixed permanently at $800 per year. The company gained 199 in membership and paid $14,000 in losses last year.

1907. The president of the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, made the statement that during the 17 years the company has been doing business they have never suffered a loss by lighting on any building which was protected with lighting rods.

1907. A J Sherman director and adjuster of the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company has settled the loss of the members in this part of the county offered by the storm of Sep 1st.

1908. Of the 65 losses sustained by the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company during the past year, 40 were caused by lighting.

1908. For Representative Lon Sherman, popular Watertown Supervisor, a candidate. This paper is authorized to announce the candidacy of Alonzo J Sherman of Watertown, as aspirant for the office of Representative in the State Legislature for this county. 

Mr Sherman is supervisor of his township and has been for the past 6 years. He has also served on the Board of Supervisors of the county for upwards of 5 years, and has been chairman of the most important committees viz: chairman of the committee of equalization and chairman of the committee of claims and accounts for 4 years.

Mr Sherman resided in this county and in the township of Watertown since he was 3 years of age, and has wide acquaintances throughout the county, and has always been a stanch republican but never a office holder.

The Township of Watertown is not represented in our county offices, and Mr Sherman is assured of the heartiest support of Republicans of Watertown and locality. His long residence in the county, together with his extended acquaintance should make him a strong candidate at the primaries, and he will soon began an active canvas for the nomination.

Mr Sherman has been agent and director for the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company for a good many years and has been one of the men to help make the Insurance Company one of the best Mutual Fire Insurance Companies in the State of Michigan.

1908. A J Sherman of Watertown, candidate for representative, is making a through canvas of the county, and thinks his chances for securing the nomination are very favorable.

1908. A J Sherman has never held a county office. He has been supervisor for 6 years and is never afraid to stand for the right. If elected representatives he will favor a state wide primary law.

1908. For Representative in the State Legislature James Millikin, present county treasurer, has defeated Lon Sherman of Watertown by a majority of about 300.

1908. Corrected returns show that Lon Sherman was defeated for representative in the late primaries by a trifle over a hundred.

1908. A J Sherman Director, says there will be no assessment in the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company this year.

1910. In March Alonzo and Hannah lived in Fostoria, at the time their daughter Millie was married in their home. It is believed to be the home they finally bought in 1914, at 9088 Fostoria Road.

1910. Census of Watertown Twp indicated: Alonzo J Sherman age 52, farmer, Emma L Sherman (probably Hannah) age 46, son Grant D Sherman age 23 working as farm laborer, son Earl W Sherman age 15, all over 10 can read, write and speak English, owns farm with mortgage, they have married for 27 years with 4 children, four living.

1911. A J Sherman, Supervisor of Watertown Twp, is in Lansing this week attending the annual meeting of the supervisors of the state. This is the third successive year Lon has been chosen by the Board of Supervisors of Tuscola County to represent them at the state meeting, which is pretty good evidence of the confidence placed in Mr Sherman by his associates on the Board.

1912. Alonzo owned 140 acres in Watertown Twp.

1912. Alonzo Sherman of Watertown is delegate from Tuscola County to the State Republican Convention.

1912. Alonzo J Sherman of Watertown for Republican Representative in State Legislative. I, the undersigned Alonzo J Sherman of Watertown Township Tuscola County, take the opportunity of announcing to the republican electors of Tuscola County my candidacy for the Representatives to the State at the Primary Election to be held 27 Aug 1912.

My parents moved to Tuscola County in the year of 1860 when I was but two years of age, and even since that time I have been a resident of Tuscola County. My party affiliation since I became a voter have been republican, and while I am not an intense partisan I have nevertheless endeavored to support the regularly nominated candidate of the republican party.

At the primary election four years ago my name went before the people for the office of Representative and lacked but a few votes of being nominated. I tried to take my defeat good naturally and supported the nominees on the republican ticket, and therefore I hope it is not asking too much, or presuming too much on the good nature of my former supporters in soliciting their aid at the primary election next August.

I fell the experience I have in township and school maters, and director of the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company for quite a number of years, will aid me, if nominated and elected to be of service to my constituents.

I shall endeavor to see as many of the electors as possible during the primary campaign and having been a supervisor from Watertown for nine years, those desiring to become informed as to my qualifications, may make inquiry of the supervisors of their respective townships with whom I have more or less intimately associated.

The people are the sovereign power, I place my case in their hands. What ever their verdict at the primary I shall be content.

Thanking you in advance for any aid you may give me during the campaign, I remain. Respectfully Alonzo J Sherman

For representative in the State Legislature
Alonzo J Sherman
of Fostoria
Solicits Your Support

Members of the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company you have elected me director of your company for 16 years. You must have confidence in me. Why not give me your vote next Tuesday.

1912. Lon Sherman (Republican) of Fostoria is elected representative, in a Democratic landslide.

1912/5. Alonzo according to family tradition, leased the farm to Grant his son, 1/3 Grant and 2/3 Alonzo, with the understanding that Grant was to buy the farm in time. However, according to entries in Alonzo's journal it appears to have been a 50:50 landlord tenant agreement.

1912. In November Alonzo J Sherman a Republican was elected State Representative of the Tuscola District, to serve in the State Capitol in Lansing. He won by a plurality of 23 votes.

1913/4. Alonzo occupied seat number 3 in the MI House of Representatives. He served on three House Committees: Geological Survey, Towns & Counties, and Traverse City State Hospital.

1913. January - April: Alonzo's journal account for the MI house of Representatives indicated the following. His payment was $7.00 a day and 10 cents per mile travel expense. It appears he took the train on Monday's and returned on Fridays. The train fare was Fostoria to Flint 48 cents, Flint to Lansing 99 cents for a one way cost of $1.47. His room in Lansing was reportedly was in a hotel near the Capitol, and was $8.00 per month. For meals he typically paid 20 cents for breakfast, and 25 cents for both dinner and supper. Incidental expenses recorded were smoke (cigar) 10-25 cents, street car fare 5 cents, shoe shine 10 cents, Bay Rum 5 cents, two post cards 5 cents, shave 15 cents, shave and haircut 40 cents.

1913. A J Sherman was a Notary Public, term expires 2 July.

1914. On 3 Feb, Alonzo paid $2,900 for the Reed house and 4.69 acres of land, in the new W W Crapo addition to the village of Fostoria. This was bought in his name with a $900 mortgage held by Mrs Ella Reed, which was paid in full by his widow on 5 Apr 1915. It is located at 9088 Fostoria Road. He fixed up the barn and house between Mar & Oct. Alonzo and his wife probably lived in this house for years since before 1910 on a rental basis. They called it their "town house." He added fruit trees and berries in May 1916.

1914/15. Alonzo built a new house on the farm, in front of and closer to the road than the old log house, starting in Oct-Nov 1914 and finishing May-Dec 1915. It was a 10 room 1½ story house measuring 40' by 30' with a 40' by 6' covered front porch; stone foundation; wood frame and siding, pine floors; interior plaster with pine trim; full basement; heated by stove. It was remodeled in 1927, in 1935 it had well water, telephone and electricity.

1915/6. Alonzo J Sherman was reelected to the Michigan House of Representative by a plurality of 464 votes. (Compiler: Has a copy of his stationary when he was a representative).

1918. Hannah Sherman was given 60 acres in Watertown Twp, from the settlement of her fathers estate. It was adjacent to Alonzo's property on the South side.

1919. Alonzo had cataract surgery in Ann Arbor MI. (Compiler: Has his gold pocket watch, he had a new face with very large numbers out on it prior to the operation).

1920. Alonzo changed the plan to sell his son Grant the farm. Instead he was going to give Grant 40 acres and sell the rest. However he had a stroke and did not do it, as a result of the stroke he spent his remaining time in a wheelchair.

1921. Alonzo J Sherman died Christmas Day at Fostoria, of apoplexy, he was buried in the Old Watertown Cemetery at Fostoria MI. Alonzo died intestate, without a will. Michigan laws gives the wife 2/3 and children 1/3, when there is no will, but there is an Estate. Obituary follows:

Alonzo J Sherman was born in Branford Canada on May 8, 1857. Departed this life Sunday Dec 25, 1921 from his home at Fostoria at the age of 64 years 7 months and 17 days. At the age of 3 years he moved with his parents to MI, locating on a farm four miles North of Fostoria, known as the William R Sherman Homestead. Being among the early pioneer settlers.

Dec 18, 1880 he was united in marriage to Hannah L Summers of Watertown. To this union was born four children: Grant D Sherman and Maude H Butler of Watertown, Mildred E Cox of Detroit, and Earl W Sherman of Grand Rapids MI. All of them whom with the wife surviving, also three sisters, three brothers and five grand-children. He was a kind loving husband and father, he was highly esteemed by all who knew him. He leaves a host of relatives and friends.

Aug 6, 1898 he was Baptized and on the 14th day of the same month, he and his wife joined the Baptist Church of Mayville, of which they are still members. Three years later he volunteered with the aid of the pastor to raise money to pay off the mortgage that was on the church amounting to $1,450.

He held many public offices. On Aug 6, 1901 he was elected Supervisor of this Township, serving in this capacity for twelve years. He resigned this office to accept that of State Representative of the Tuscola District in the Fall of 1912, which he held for two terms. He was connected with the Tuscola County Mutual Fire Insurance Company for about 25 years, which position he held until his recent affliction.

The following attended the funeral from a distance: Mildred E Cox of Detroit, Mrs E W Sherman of Grand Rapids, Mrs Henry Summers and son Cecil Summers of MtMorris, Mrs William Cornell and nephew of St Johns, Mrs Lon Raymond of Elba, Ernest Barber of Hadley, Willed Cole of Edmore, and Mr William Dickerson and daughter of Northville.

1922. On 1 Apr the farm was leased to his son Grant Sherman by Alonzo's estate. At this time it included 140 acres, including Hannah's 60 acres.

1923. On 4 Jun Alonzo's estate was settled by court ordering his farm 80 acres and the Fostoria House, with undivided 1/3 going to Hannah, and undivided 1/6 to each of his four children. It appears that by several quite claim deeds in 1921/2 that all four children had given their portions of their inherited property to their mother for $1.00 and other considerations.

1923. Hannah bought a house at 6015 Fox Street in Mayville MI, she lived there in the Summers. One month each Spring and Fall she stayed with her son Grant, and spent Winters in Detroit with her son Earl. The house was equipped with a chemical toilet in the back shed that was attached to the house. She did not like young children at this age of her life. My father would give me and my twin sister a dollar and told us to go down town and spend it, and not to bother her, and use the toilets down town. We learned how to spend fast, and return and played noisily on the yard, yep, up came another dollar to spend down town. We really learned fast how to take our dad for a few extra bucks during each visit. Our older sister by 10 years was welcomed into grandmas house. Grandma must had good insight as she had us figured right! (Compiler).

1934. Hannah prepared her will on 13 Aug.

1936. On 24 May Hannah Sherman died in Detroit MI, at her son Earl's house. Funeral services were at the Baptist Church Mayville, she is buried in the old Watertown Cemetery.

1939. Hannah's estate was settled by selling her land, the Mayville house and personal property, with $931.29 each going to Maude, Mildred & Earl and $25.00 to Grant. Hannah thought Grant received more than the others from Alonzo's estate, as stated in her will. Maude H Butler, her daughter was executrix of the estate.


Four children of Alonzo and Hannah Sherman

1. Grant David Sherman (16) 1886-1950 (lineage)

2. Maud H Sherman (16) 1887-1942

3. Mildred E Sherman (16)

1890. She was born 7 Nov in Watertown Twp, she was called "Millie" birth certificate shows "Milly M Sherman."
1897. She attended Tubbs School
1906. She attended Tubbs School
1910. She married James D Cox at her parents home in Fostoria the service was performed by Rev C D Thorton,
19xx. Married second to Sam Alderton
1930. Married third Paul Legault
1955. She lived in West Palm Beach FL
1960. She lived in Palm Harbor FL
1985. She lived in Reviera Beach FL
1987. She was deceased by this time


4. Earl William Sherman (16)

1895. Earl was born on 22 Jun in Watertown TWP
19xx. Earl worked in telegraphy, and sold clothes part time, selling clothes paid more so he gave up the telegraphy
1913. E H Sherman who has been connected with the Pere Marquette Ry at Manistee as an operator and ticket clerk, has accepted a position as a manager for Hanger-Martin Company and the Wear-U-Well Shoe Company at Manistee
1915. On 29 Jul Earl age 21 married Jessie L Brown age 21 from Milwaukee WI, her parents are Adolph G Brown and Georgie Hanson
xxxx. Earl married second to Lillian ______, while he lived in Grand Rapids
1920. Census of Grand Rapids, Kent County indicated: Earl age 25, rented home, Lillian age 28 born in WI 1892, parents born in KY
1920. Earl operated a tailor and clothing shop in Port Huron MI
1921. Earl operated a tailor and clothing shop in Grand Rapids MI
1922. Earl operated a tailor and clothing shop in Newaygo MI
1922/55. Earl was among the first to build a cottage, a log cabin, on Brooks Lake in Newaygo County, and was a charter member and first president of the Greater Brooks Lake Association, he had a renowned wild flower garden at his cottage
1834. He lived in Detroit MI
18xx. He married third to Hellen _____ who lived in Detroit
1938/52. Earl started the Rainbow Recreation Center a bowling alley, in Ionia MI, he operated the bowling alley Fall through Spring he then closed it, and spent the Summer at his cottage at Brook Lake, he operated the bowling alley till he retired in 1952.
1838/55. Earl had planted and maintained a nationally renowned wild flower garden at his cottage, on the Southwest shore of Brooks Lake, he devoted 18 years to his perennial gardens at the cottage. Thousands visited his gardens
1952/5. He wintered in Tampa FL after his retirement
1955. On 15 Jun he was stricken at his cottage and died on the way to the hospital he is buried at Balcom Cemetery in Ionia MI
198x. Helen died at her home in Ionia MI and is also buried in Balcom Cemetery one child by first wife

          1. Warren B Sherman (17) married Jayne ____